By Mark Hanlon | Bismarck, N.D.

The most recent partisan absurdity to come out of Washington is the insertion of the federal teat into the mouths of those with no need of it. That is, checks of $1400 each to go to individuals who make up to $6250 a month ($75,000 a year) or individual heads of households making $9333 a month ($112,000 a year). Those figures are for “Adjusted Gross Income” on your federal tax forms. These do no “phase out” for individuals until $6666 a month ($80,000 a year) or $10,000 a month ($120,000 a year) respectively. For those filing jointly, the full check amounts go to couples making up to $12,500 a month ($150,000 a year). Those “phase out” at $13,333 per month ($160,000 a year).

At least the claim by our current POTUS of non-partisanship on issues of national importance has been exposed for what it was. I have no problem with reasonable payments to people who need it, but this is absurd.

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