By Alexander Huus-Petersen | Valley City, N.D.

House Nays (Recreational Cannabis)

Anderson, B.; Bellew; Bosch; Damschen; Delzer; Devlin; Ertelt; Fegley; Hoverson; Jones; Karls; Kasper; Kiefert; Klemin; Kreidt; Lefor; Magrum; Martinson; Monson; Owens; Paulson; Paur; Rohr; Ruby, D.; Sanford; Satrom; Schatz; Schauer; Schmidt; Schobinger; Skroch; Steiner; Strinden; Thomas; Trottier; Tveit; Vigesaa; Speaker Koppelman, K.

Senate Nays (Recreational Cannabis)

Anderson; Bakke; Bekkedahl; Burckhard; Clemens; Conley; Davison; Dever; Dwyer; Elkin; Erbele; Fors; Heitkamp; Hogue; Kannianen; Klein; Krebsbach; Larsen, D.; Larsen, O.; Larson, D.; Lemm; Luick; Marcellais; Mathern; Myrdal; Oehlke; Patten; Piepkorn; Roers, J.; Rust; Schaible; Sorvaag; Vedaa; Wanzek; Wardner; Weber; Wobbema

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These legislators obviously don’t have any concept of individualism. The double standards we see in our current laws need to change. I’d bet every one of these tyrants has consumed their fair share of alcohol; I'd even bet most have consumed cannabis in their lifetimes. Why it is that government always needs to control everything under the sun. Why do all of you on this list feel the need to control what an individual may choose to consume? When government criminalizes the choices of an individual that doesn’t directly affect anyone else I’d call that tyranny.

My hope for North Dakotans and the nation is to end all these pointless wars. We have not only allowed them to declare war on our families, friends and neighbors time and time again but many cheer it on. Let’s hope that they weren’t the only ones with the will to stand up for your liberties when they come for you and your kin.