By Richard Geigle | Jamestown

The other day I read in the Sun a person said bison don’t stand on cliffs or high places. How would this person know this to be true? In this instance, the Jamestown bison will be on a 70-foot monument along Interstate 94 where approximately 8 million vehicles pass by yearly. The bison has figured it out that being on the ground the tourists would not see him to stop to see the World's Largest Bison, a live bison herd and now the world’s smartest bison! He figured that many of the tourists were going to Mount Rushmore (4 million a year) or to get ice cold water at Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota (2 million tourists a year) are driving right past Jamestown from the east. The estimate of 2 to 500,000 tourists could be low for Jamestown …. 1 million to 1.5 million may not be far off as we are on the interstate highway ... one smart bison! ‘Bison World, A Legendary Experience‘.

After spending a day or two in the Jamestown area at the Bison World, A Legendary Experience there are many more national attractions that are only a 3- to 7-hour drive away! Medora and the Theodore Roosevelt Library - 3.5 hours; Mount Rushmore - 7 hours; Yellowstone National Park - 6.5 hours; Wall, S.D. - 5 hours; Minneapolis - 5.5 hours; Wisconsin Dells - 6 hours. That’s one smart bison! No more large bison herds but lots of RVs, campers, cars and pickups pulling who knows what. I hope they see him - oh, he will be lighted at night

See You at Bison World, A Legendary Experience in 2024!

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