Abbott doesn't respect church sanctuary

His conduct was a mean political show.

JSSP Letter to Editor
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President Biden went to El Paso to confer with others seeking solutions to immigration issues and consider viable, decent reforms.

Until the 1920s, we did have open borders. Restrictions were introduced in the late 1920s. Since that time, border concerns have developed. It is not a new concern.

It seems Texas Gov. Greg Abbott saw fit to make it obvious how quickly hate can be used as a political tool. The migrants sought sanctuary at a church (or at churches). Church sanctuary has been recognized for hundreds of years all around this world, but Abbott does not respect church sanctuary. He had over a hundred persons arrested on church property. Perhaps he is happy with his show.

Adolph Hitler was not the only hate-filled person in our world. There are many persons who hate in our own nation. Many have shown hatred to others for reasons like religion, ethnicity and political preferences. Some haters are also violent terrorists.

This last political show of mean activity makes me wonder who stalled the response at Uvalde? That community had a high component of Spanish American citizens.

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