Are you better off under Biden or Trump?

Under President Trump, we did not have to choose between eating and gas.

JSSP Letter to Editor

Starting on June 16, 2015, as Donald Trump rode down that escalator to announce his run for president of the USA, Democrats have pursued criminal referrals of Trump. The Mueller investigation took almost two years, cost $32 million. Result, there was insufficient evidence of criminal conspiracy to charge Trump. Twice they tried to impeach President Trump, result, acquitted. Now they are considering charging Trump with paying off Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election. Anyone remember when we discovered that Congress in 1995 set up a "fund" to pay off sexual harassment charges against them? $15 million has been paid out. Any charges for that?

October 2020 — three weeks before the election— we hear bits and pieces of information about a laptop Hunter Biden owned. Fifty formal national intelligence folks called it "Russian disinformation." We now know that laptop tells of giving the Biden family millions and says "Give the 'Big Guy' his share."

Ask yourselves — are you better off under President Biden or President Trump? Under President Trump, we did not have to choose between eating and gas, wages were up, prices were down, unemployment was down, we were not at the brink of war — foreign leaders were afraid of President Trump, they laugh at President Biden. Our borders were secure under President Trump, under President Biden, we have millions coming across our borders with their drugs, guns and sex trade. Their hands open for all the free things President Biden has promised them.

Do I sympathize with these immigrants? Of course, this is the greatest country in the world and I am blessed to be born here. Yet we have laws, as other countries have laws concerning immigration. Is it too much to ask for our government to follow our laws? Wake up.

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