Bill 1425 is about investing in North Dakota

Bison World has been before officials for some time.

JSSP Letter to Editor
We are part of The Trust Project.

Coming soon, the project is now shovel-ready, located on state-owned land next to an interstate highway with 1.8 million vehicles using at present. A good return on investment has been determined in a
conservative manner by a top-10 certified accounting firm, Eide Bailey. The location is the center of the state of North Dakota at

All or most of the customers will arrive by motor homes, cars or campers. By a conservative projection of 250,000 to 600,000 visitors yearly, most in seven months, these visitors will visit many towns and cities in North Dakota leaving money for goods and services.

The Legacy Fund and Bill 1425 are meant to invest our money in North Dakota to grow new business and expand others. Invest money made in North Dakota in North Dakota by North Dakota people - not in China, Russia, Africa as has and is still the case.

The delay of 16 months to put state money to work in North Dakota has
been too long. North Dakota has the opportunity to Invest in North
Dakota - What is the delay??

The tourist industry is the third-largest cash flow, clean money that
benefits the state. Bison World has been in front of the elected and appointed officials for many months, it is time to act on
Bill 1425. Many opportunities wait to grow North Dakota. We should not need a public vote to spend our money. Refer to the poll taken of which our public officials and newspapers have a copy. Time is of the
essence to get the process to access the Legacy Fund done!

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