Children shouldn’t be kept in detention centers

By Thomas Starks | Lisbon, N.D.

As more reports come in from the Trump camps and for-profit detention centers, we now know that children are being kept in horrible conditions, deprived of basic needs such as clothing, blankets, soap and medical care.

Immigration, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S Customs and Border Protection agents continue to round people up and place them in overcramped facilities that can’t meet the needs of people to the point that seven children have died in custody or shortly after being released.

Just a few decades ago, there was a country in Europe where most folks didn’t really think too much about jailing a few gypsies, a few homosexuals or a few Jews. But then they jailed more.

Pretty soon Roman Catholics were jailed, and so were Protestants. Political opponents of The Leader were jailed, as well, absent of due process.


Then the killings began, and it was too late.

When you can justify placing young immigrant children into cages, you can justify putting anyone into cages or prisons or concentration camps. Including your neighbors and Americans of all races and religions.

Even you.

It has been done before.

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