Constitutional convention not needed

JSSP Letter to Editor

In the 1980's North Dakota passed resolutions asking Congress to call an Article V convention to propose Constitutional amendments, especially to force national balanced budgets. Later, ND legislators voted to rescind these resolutions.

In 2015 North Dakota became one of 28 states again calling for a convention (34 are needed). However, in 2018/19 no others passed one, and eight have legislation pending to again rescind.

Would amendments achieve balanced budgets? All public servants pledge to obey the Constitution. If they would, about 80% of government would return to the states, balancing federal budgets.

Besides, all proposed balanced budget amendments have loopholes, such as waiving the requirements during national emergencies or when we're in military conflicts. (When haven't we had both?)

And what if leftists hijacked a convention? Radical left billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg would love to fund a convention to achieve their agendas.


The ultimate solution is strict Constitutional adherence. The Constitution was a pact with the people, written so every American with a command of English could understand it.

We already have some limits. Have term limits resulted in better Presidents? Have they solved problems in the California legislature?

Jefferson was right -- educate the people. And Howard Jarvis, the conservative leader of a successful 1970's tax revolt, opposed a convention, saying it “would put the Constitution back on the drawing board where every radical crackpot or special interest group would have the chance to write the supreme law of the land.”

Before our next legislative session, tell your state senator and representatives to rescind all calls for a convention. It's just too unpredictable.

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