Foster families appreciated, needed in ND

The greatest need is foster families for teens.

JSSP Letter to Editor

By Nancy McKenzie, executive director, Nexus-PATH Family Healing

In a year of uncertainties, Nexus-PATH foster parents across North Dakota continue to provide quality care to children in the foster care system. These foster families have not only navigated care for these children but have shown their commitment to them through the ups and downs life may bring.

Nexus-PATH seeks foster families, with the greatest need for families who can care for teenagers. Teens enter foster care at no fault of their own. During this holiday season, consider joining our mission to support kids and families who need us by calling 877-766-PATH or visiting to learn more.

This is a season to be thankful; we are thankful to our current foster families for providing safe and loving homes, and for our generous and supportive community. Happy holidays!

McKenzie lives in Fargo.

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