Gymnasts inducted into Jamestown High School Hall of Fame grateful for committee's work on event

The community involvement and support were amazing.

JSSP Letter to Editor

It was an honor for the 1969 gymnasts to be inducted into the Jamestown High School Hall of Fame. All the committee's hard work has not gone unnoticed. What a three-day adrenaline rush to be recognized for something you loved to do, with team members you loved to do it with!

The community involvement and support were amazing. During the pep rally, students cheered for the inductees with such enthusiasm! School administrators treated us like we were a special part of homecoming. The Jamestown Sun coverage was great.

The Wheaties cereal boxes with our pictures were so special. This HOF committee does it right!

A special thanks to Marney Shirley who took such good care of the gymnastic team. She is amazing!

Comments from attending team members:


Marilyn (Folk) Muehler - The HOF was a special honor and privilege! I felt like I was back in high school. I thank everyone involved in organizing the event.

Sheila (Epp) Syvrud – The entire HOF experience was wonderful. The athletic director's words were heartfelt and touching. It was great to see our gymnastic banners still being displayed.

Mary Pat (Leines) Wahl – What an honor to be inducted! I give our coach, Dolores Paulson, all the credit. She was very dedicated to the sport!

Patty (Leapoldt) Weeda – What a blessing to have attended. Unforgettable … still giggling. Still missing and mourning coaches and team members who are watching down on us.

Fern (Jansonius) Barnett – The best part of the HOF was reconnecting with my gymnastic team and all the memories we shared. HOF members treated us so well and the weekend was incredible!

Kathy Lord – Jamestown is the friendliest place I have lived! Everyone welcomed and I felt like I was part of the school right away. Gymnastics was a very needed special outlet for me.

Deb (Lervik) Henderson – The HOF weekend was fantastic. Thanks to the committee, JHS and the city of Jamestown. We were treated like royalty. Sharing it all with our team members was so special.

Janie (Ebertz) Redlinger – The best experience I had in high school was being part of the gymnastic team.Thank you to Dolores Paulson for developing the sport of gymnastics in North Dakota!


Marcia (Backus) Bess – The HOF celebration was first class. From the mashed potatoes and gravy at the tailgate dinner to the pep rally in the beautiful JHS, to the band playing “BlueJay Boosters,” the spectators along parade route, Unison Bank’s lighted marquee, the cheering crowd at halftime, to the excited lady who grabbed my arm saying, “You ladies inspire me!”, to the camaraderie of inductees, especially fellow team members with our matching T-shirts.

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