HB 3024 would put the elimination and replacement of unfair property tax on ballot

Instead of property tax, the state would fund political subdivisions.

JSSP Letter to Editor

HB 3024 was introduced on Feb. 21, 2023. This is a resolution bill that would put the elimination and replacement of unfair property tax on the ballot for we the people to vote on in the 2024 election cycle. This bill would repeal the current system of using people’s property as the go-to source of revenue to fund political subdivisions and replace it directly with money from the state.

The local political subdivision would still have duty to budget and spend this money just as they do now. All that changes is the revenue source. This would mean if passed by the voters in 2024 that we would no longer be required to rent our property from the government and have to pay them for the privilege to farm the land, run the business or live in the house we worked so hard for.

The state has ample funds to do this via the Legacy Fund, school land trust funds and all the excess money they have. Gov. Doug Burgum raised the budget by $2 billion this session which would pay all the property taxes and more, and every time we turn on the news we hear of another spending bill “because we have so much excess money we can afford it.”

The House already voted to allow a vote on “sports betting” in the 2024 election cycle so I see no valid reason for them to refuse to allow us to vote on the elimination of property taxes during the same election cycle. To do so would be very hypocritical on their behalf. But stranger things have happened. We need to hold their feet to the fire and replace everyone who votes against letting the people's voices be heard.

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