Hoeven, Cramer should have voted for sick leave for rail workers

Votes show their commitment to corporate profits.

JSSP Letter to Editor
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Rail workers are the backbone of our supply chain and they deserve good wages, fair treatment and important health protections like paid sick leave. We need them to be healthy and confident they can do their jobs to the best of their ability to keep our economy moving. Rail companies have made record profits at the expense of these workers and their families through chronic understaffing and unfair scheduling practices.

The North Dakota AFL-CIO condemns Sen. John Hoeven's and Sen. Kevin Cramer's vote against seven days sick leave for railroad workers. Our senators had the opportunity to make life better for the thousands of rail workers in North Dakota, and once again they chose to pad the profits of out-of-state CEOs and shareholders.

This vote further shows their complete commitment to corporate profits
and the CEOs who they work for over the working families here in North Dakota that they claim to represent. They should be ashamed.

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