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We could expand the State Hospital to the needs of this mental health problem to fit today’s needs.

JSSP Letter to Editor
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The possible cure for the mental health issues of the United States — Go back to the 1950s and '60s and long before, North Dakota may have had the answer! The Hospital for the Insane, later known as the North Dakota State Hospital, it was a city of its own at Jamestown, N.D. It had a large dairy with prize-winning milk cows, a huge garden with a cannery for the food, softball fields and their own dentists and doctors with a complete staff on 24/7. It was a place for the mentally disabled and very dangerous persons. All were given good care on a day-and-night basis for their needs.

North Dakota may have been far ahead of the rest of the country. In addition, we also have a state-owned bank and a state-owned mill — a
leader in the past and present.

We could expand the State Hospital to the needs of this mental health problem to fit today’s needs. The buildings were full back then. Community group homes for the mentally disabled are good for some, but today there are more serious mental issues and more in need of these services. Yes, the state and federal will need to step up and support it like we do for schools and college subsidies. Congress and
legislators of the state need to step up and get this looked at.

Nationwide, the existing nursing and retirement homes converted to mental health centers short and long term. Build new retirement centers up to date for today’s needs.
A firearm, knife, car, tractor have never killed anyone - the people kill! The government is looking in the wrong place to solve the
problem - people - help them or lock them up!

Also, we have the opportunity in North Dakota to do the right thing, invest in our Legacy Fund where we make it in North Dakota. Bill #1425
passed two years ago - the state owns land along Interstate 94 and Highway 281 - Jamestown, invest in yourself - develop it. A great tourist stop, Bison World! This will help the area and towns along the path to Medora and the new Roosevelt Library, state fair in Minot, Fargo, Bismarck and all the small towns in between. Tourism is the third-largest industry in North Dakota, let's help ourselves not Russia, China, Africa and other countries.


Sens. John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer, Rep. Kelly Armstrong - state officials and legislators - are you ready to put money in our state where it helps people who vote and pay taxes? We need your help now!

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