Jamestown VA clinic service is appreciated

JSSP Letter to Editor

By Hugene Sloan | Jamestown

In early October, I was notified that the VA would be giving flu shots in the Jamestown Regional Medical Center parking lot. I was the fifth car in line on a cold morning. The VA nurses were all set up with a van and a lot of needles. I don't know how many they served but the line was long and it moved fast.

My annual physical was due in early November. I have a few health issues I needed to see my doctor about and I wondered how that could be handled with COVID going crazy. I got a call from the Jamestown VA on setting up my annual physical at a later date or talk to my doctor via phone. I chose the phone call and a VA nurse called and set up the doctor call. Right on schedule, Dr. Geier called me and asks how I'm doing and what my questions were. I asked how she was doing and she said, "I'm working from home recovering from the COVID virus." I knew our health care workers were doing a great job while under fire from the virus but to have a VA doctor call you while she was in recovery was way beyond the call of duty! She went on to hear my medical concerns, renew my prescriptions and set up two visits with specialists.

We old G.I.s often talk about whether the younger generation could handle what we did when we served. If the Jamestown VA clinic and staff are any indication of our young people, we're in good hands.

Thank you, Jamestown VA, your service is appreciated.

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