Let's give peace a chance

If you listen to the mainstream media these days, you might think about Ukraine as some utopian society.

JSSP Letter to Editor
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By Jason E. Call, Jamestown

In the old days, you could count on two sides to nearly every political issue. When it came to the subject of war, you know, bombs and bullets ripping people apart and death, the left was always in opposition. Look back to the Vietnam era. I remember “give peace a chance.” People used to place flowers in gun barrels. Where has the left gone? I miss the lefties! Jane Fonda, where are you?

Joe Biden is talking about nuclear war like the end of the world as we know it. For what? Because we all need to die to defend the Ukraine. You know the Ukraine, just pull out your game of Risk you played as a child, it is the grotesquely outsized land between Europe and Asia. Did the people at Parker Brothers know something we didn’t? Hey, right-wing, when did you agree so heartily with the left. Corporate sellouts!

Just in case you didn’t know, senior executive and legislative leaders have military protection and safe places for them and their families in a crisis. They have nice food and comfortable living arrangements on military bases. You have been paying for it with your taxes. Unfortunately, you must fend for yourselves if the big one hits.

If you listen to the mainstream media these days, you might think about Ukraine as some utopian society. However, corrupt oligarchs ruled before and after the CIA paid for a bloody coup in 2014. There has been a civil war in eastern Ukraine for eight years. Joe Biden (then vice president) is on record for bragging about shutting down a corruption investigation and Donald Trump was impeached over a conversation with Ukraine’s leader. Yeah, Parker Brothers had it right. Ukraine is a big deal.


Let’s go back three decades; Did James Baker promise Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not expand in exchange for Russian acquiescence in German reunification? Some say yes, others no. Who cares. What Americans should care about is that the Biden administration is willing (and eager?) to destroy life as we know it for the Ukraine. Did Joe play Risk too much as a child?

Who are the winners? Obviously, those that profit from war, the military-industrial complex. The other obvious winners, the people that benefit from “never waste a crisis” situations. The losers, well 99% of the population that does not have the insider information and special protection. These folks will suffer and die from the immediate and lingering effects of nuclear war. Liberal, conservative or something in between, let’s give peace a chance.

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