Liquor license on University of Jamestown campus shouldn't have been approved

It's inappropriate to have a bar on campus.

JSSP Letter to Editor

The Jamestown City Council recently approved a Class D liquor license for a business to be located in UJ Place on the University of Jamestown campus. That license, also called the Cadillac of alcohol offerings, allows customers to drink there, or to take out all types of alcoholic beverages.

I opposed that application for these reasons:

1. A bar on a college campus is totally inappropriate and changes the perception of the institution to one where “anything goes.” A party school for sure! UJ claims more than half of its students are on sports teams. Will easy access to alcohol contribute to student use, and by fans at sports events? Will it create safety issues for impaired drivers and others?

2. The overwhelming majority of the students are under the legal drinking age and may well be encouraged to “give it a try.” Alcohol will doubtless be taken to dorm rooms.

3. While UJ lost control of the ground floor of that facility to the developer as part of the bargain, the college president should have openly opposed such a move but is said to have done a “survey” to gauge student interest, effectively approving it. Is that in the president’s job description?


Maybe the UJ president should mention the inclusion of a bar on campus in her next letter to the alumni, or to donors. If she dares.

Buchanan is a member of the Jamestown City Council.

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