Livid, disgusted after report of what happened at Jamestown game

There is no place for racism in our society.

JSSP Letter to Editor

I am a graduate of Jamestown High School and have always been proud to have attended school there but then there are days like today.

I just watched a news story on WDAY-TV referring to Tuesday’s high school basketball game between Jamestown and a Bismarck team where racial slurs were being flung at certain Bismarck players.

Livid is a good description of my feelings right now and I would hope there are hundreds more people writing this same letter, sharing their disgust. There is no place for racism in our society, none!

Why didn’t someone walk onto the court and stop the game immediately. A player, a coach, a student, a spectator, the janitor, a ref, a teacher, a mom or dad — anyone! That's what should have happened.

I don’t know the whole story but what WDAY reported is sickening. It’s so hard writing this without the colorful language that I want to be using.


I did see a follow-up response from the Jamestown school administration apologizing and promising to “grow and learn” from this experience. Unfortunately, it’s not just those students who need “improved cultural competence” as was also mentioned. I see that the students involved are being disciplined, OK, but while you’re at it, why don’t you touch on some causes of “stupid,” i.e., fear, ignorance and entitlement to name a few and you better have room for the dads and grandpas, etc., etc., to take the training too ... just saying.

I also apologize to the Bismarck players and families — I am so sorry this happened.

It is easy to do the right thing, people. Just stand up and say it’s not OK.

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