'Maga' followers seem to be obsessed with saving children from 'grooming'

Growing up, truth was found in college and public libraries and bookstores.

JSSP Letter to Editor

What is "grooming"? "Maga" followers seem to be obsessed about saving our children from grooming so much that in some states library shelves in schools are empty or nearly so.

When I was a child, we learned that George Washington as a boy cut down a cherry tree. It was a lie. As a child, I wondered how a boy could cut down a grown tree. Finally, I decided it was a sapling. Many years later I discovered it was just a lie used to tell children not to lie.

Santa and Easter Bunny are also lies used to control behavior and/or promote commercialization of holidays.

Children were not the only ones being controlled although control was more subtle for older citizens. In movies, the hero was always white. Often all actors were white with almost comedy makeup to portray them as Black servants or Black foolish persons, as Native Americans attacking a wagon train or as Asian Americans. The minority character was depicted often as evil or stupid. This went on for decades and probably did successfully impair the feeling of self-worth in some minority persons. But what was done was also a lie. That is a lie I do not want repeated!

I grew up wanting to find the truth. I found truth in college and public libraries and bookstores. There was no banning of books (except those ridiculous "banned in Boston" novels). I did not think less of myself for what greedy or ignorant persons had done. Much of the prejudice, after all, was due to decades of subtle indoctrination (or could be called "brainwashing").


The Maga element today were the "groomers" in my 82-year lifetime. I hope, with all my heart, that Maga will be rejected.

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