People must demand change on gun control, background checks

Imagine having to get DNA from Mom and Dad so that the dead children can be identified.

JSSP Letter to Editor
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I am outraged. I am saddened. Way too much emotion. But I have to write. We have another school shooting. More innocent kids are killed. Murdered. Imagine having to get DNA from Mom and Dad so that the dead children can be identified. How terrible is that? Imagine if that was your child. Now will come the cries.

This must stop. We can't let this happen again. Something must be done! It happened after Columbine. It happened after the Florida shooting at a high school. It happened after Connecticut. The next time it happens, it will happen again.

Now we are ranking the death tools. On the news tonight, "This is the second worst school shooting ..." How sick is this. It does not matter how many are killed. One is too many. Why can't we have background checks? Why does anyone need an AR-7? Why do the same people who are adamant on eliminating abortion the same people who won't work on gun control? Why don't we care about our kids?

I have spent over 40 years in education, and I can't take this anymore. Every year there is a school shooting, and Congress does nothing. How can they live with themselves? How can we watch the scenes of parents waiting to be reunited with their kids and realize their little girl or boy won't be coming and not understand that something has to change. Is the NRA that powerful that they can control the lives of children? How can this be? We, the voters, must do something and demand that legislators and members of Congress do something about gun control and background checks. Now, before it happens again.

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