Prayers were politically motivated to emphasize transgender agenda

Legislature feels it is time to apply some common sense with the current transgender agenda.

JSSP Letter to Editor

On Feb. 8, the Rev. Dr. Leanne Simmons recited a prayer on the North Dakota Senate floor wearing a rainbow shawl. It was the fourth time in two weeks that a pastor had “prayed” to emphasize the transgender agenda. There was very little doubt that parts of the prayers were politically motivated when considering the number of transgender bills that were pending. Simmons denied that her prayer was political in nature.

Two members of the Senate: Mike Wobbema, R-Valley City, and Janne Myrdal, R-Edinburg, after having complained that Simmons and the other like-minded pastors had overstayed their welcome, stood and turned their backs to her. It was obvious to the two legislators that Simmons (and whoever kept authorizing her and others to show up so often) were lobbying inappropriately.

The recent lopsided voting in both the House and Senate have shown that the Legislature feels it is time to apply some common sense with the current transgender agenda.

Recently The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead published a letter signed by North Dakota and Minnesota faith leaders calling out another group of clergy who had previously written to the Forum. The second group felt the first group was trying to normalize or deemphasize sin concerning transgender and homosexual behavior. Jesus was and is loved but he always emphasized that sinners need to repent. The Bible repeatedly states this fact.

The pastors’ letters may provide some insight as to how various pastors and churches use the Bible as they minister their flocks. One group implies that as our society and culture “evolve” we can utilize the Bible to justify how we decide to behave.


The other more traditional view states that the Bible shows us what sin is and then tells us what the remedy is if we do sin. We do not get to pick and choose how we want to behave and we certainly cannot contradict the Bible as to what is sin.

I feel a large number of state legislators realize this and have voted the way their constituents would want them to vote on these bills.

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