Rob Port should stop his hypocrisy on out-of-state political money

Port was heavily affiliated with a group funded by out-of-state interests.

JSSP Letter to Editor

By Jamie Stewart | Bismarck

I’m writing to tell Rob Port to stop with the hypocrisy about out-of-state political money. His whining is getting old. All that a person has to do is a simple Google search to find out what Port was up to before working for Forum Communications. Wait for it … he was heavily affiliated with a special interest group funded by out-of-state interests. It’s called the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, a biased “news” organization. Wait for it … that group is subsidized by all sorts of out-of-state elites, including the Koch Brothers. The Franklin Center has raised millions and millions in dark money that it has used to promote a radical political agenda.

So the next time Port whines about out-of-state political donors, he should think a little harder about his past employer. His paycheck didn’t come from purely North Dakota interests. Is his memory that short?

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