Township roads apparently not important

JSSP Letter to Editor

By Alan Albrecht | Buchanan, N.D.

My father and I are joint owners of land located near Buchanan. Near the farmstead, there is a road that is flooded. This is the only road we can use to reach our farmland and our pasture.

We have talked to Jim River Township and all they say is that they have no money.

According to my research, the oil extraction money generated by the state of North Dakota is allocated as follows:

10% Common Schools Trust Fund (N.D. Constitution Article X Section 24)


10% Foundation Aid Stabilization Fund (N.D. Constitution Article X Section 24)

20% Resources Trust Fund (NDCC 57-51.1-07(1))

0.5% to Energy Conservation Grant Fund up to $1.2M per biennium

3% to Renewable Energy Development Fund up to $3M per biennium

0.5% Additional Resources Trust Fund (NDCC 57-51.1-07(2))

30% Legacy Fund (N.D. Constitution Article X Section 26)

29.5% General Fund Share

30% of the oil extraction fund is put into the state’s general fund. According to the state treasurer, this oil extraction money is required to be spent on the following list of items.


1. State general

2. Tax relief

3. Budget stabilization

4. Strategic investments/ improvements

5. Lignite research

6. State disaster relief

7. Municipal infrastructure

8. Strategic investments and improvements


9. County and township infrastructure

10. Airport infrastructure

I have numbered them because each fund only gets money when the preceding fund reaches the maximum amount it is allowed to have in its account. County and township infrastructure only gets money after the prior funds reach their maximum allotted amount.

North Dakota has lots of funds. Here is a list of a few, their current balance and the fund's purpose.

Abandoned Oil/Gas well plugging, $22.1 million: reclamation /restoration of land/water resources adversely affected by mining.

Coal Development Fund, $71 million: loans to coal-impacted counties, cities and school districts.

Community Development fund, $13.2 million: grants, loans to aid rehabilitation of blighted areas, installing public facilities, low-income housing, or economic development.

Lignite Research Fund, $29.7 million: improve methods for cost-effective reclamation, find cleaner ways to burn lignite in existing boilers, identify new market opportunities, and meet new challenges from proposed environmental regulations

Resource Trust Fund , $293.6 million: construction of water-related projects and programs for energy conservation.

Tobacco Prevention and Control Fund, $10.9 million: funding for tobacco prevention and control

Water Development Fund, $14.2 million: repayment of bonds issued to finance water projects.

There is no fund for maintenance of township roads. Township roads are number nine on a list of 10 priorities. The only thing less important is airport infrastructure. Apparently township roads are not very important.

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