Traffic signal changes are no improvement

By Linda Brown | Jamestown

A new and improved Jamestown? No stores, so I guess we don't need many traffic signals either. Soon we will be back to horse and buggy!

So Jamestown decided to really improve their environment. They are taking out all but two street lights on Main Avenue, and some on 10th Street South - that should make traffic a nice mess. Anyone trying to get onto Main or 10th will have fun since there will be no lights to stop the traffic so the ones on the side streets can get out. Plus they plan to change the lanes from four lanes to two lanes - now that should really be fun when trains go through, which they do every day and at the worst possible times.

I'm just hoping the idiots who are doing this are the ones getting stuck on side streets and in ungodly long lines after a train goes through. I also imagine there will be lots more accidents since people will probably just drive right out in front of traffic just to get where they're going.

You daredevils who seldom stop at stop signs better be careful, the more accidents, the higher your insurance rates.

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