Voting gives us a choice in our home

This nation is comprised of all citizens.

JSSP Letter to Editor
We are part of The Trust Project.

Labor Day is one day in the year when we celebrate all citizens who work toward an ever better nation. The skilled and professional, the volunteer, the retired still serving their families in whatever way possible, the sick and handicapped who bring ourselves to be more compassionate and understanding. All Americans sharing the responsibilities of this great nation.

Our Constitution says this so well in that first statement — "We the people." We are the nation. We are the government. The nation is not an empty land, not a seat of buildings or small gathering of just a few individuals. This nation is comprised of all citizens. Every diverse citizen is equal in this work, in this responsibility.

Working together we have made this our home. Working together we intend our home to improve as our abilities and understanding improve. If we respect and protect our nation, learn its true history, keep freedom alive in our shared democracy, our home will endure and become ever more beautiful.

What sort of home do we really desire? Do we want a home where most of us are abandoned and basic needs go unattended? Do we want a home where many of us fear for our lives and justice cannot be found? Or do we want a home where all persons are respected and justice is available in equal measure for everyone. Do we desire opportunity for all persons to share equally the responsibility and the rewards in accord with our abilities and gifts.

Voting gives us that choice.

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