Wake up before losing everything

What is called "The Big White Lie" is still continuing.

JSSP Letter to Editor

Does it seem that recovery from the chaos of the last administration is taking much too long? Does it seem that too many persons or organizations are using that continued chaos as a fundraiser (one way or another)? Could be, I suppose. What is called "The Big White Lie" has been exposed as propagandized in so many ways and so many times and is still continuing.

Much has been done to limit the harm of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economy is rapidly recovering although the work is still in progress. Still, we are made aware daily that the outrageous lies and destruction of determined anti-democracy extremists hover over us like a waiting storm.

Some extremists have called for even child labor to be reintroduced. Over my lifetime there has been one breadwinner per family, then two, then two working two or three jobs to provide. Are citizens now expected by some to include their children in the workforce? Would this, if it becomes the norm, exclude education or reduce education to a great degree? It seems that is the potential future for American families. Wake up, people!

It was once a common belief that "those who do not know their history will be condemned to repeat it" (or words to that effect).

I do not care if two transgender students participate in sports. Heck — it probably would benefit the team!


I do not give a fig what is the ancestral history of my neighbors, nor do I care in the least if their skin is a light brown, ruddy pink or pale. Americans have always competed in work applications, in classwork, in sports, in business and even in play. If we do our best, we may not get everything we want but we will find our "niche".

It may serve the anti-democracy movement in the current GOP to have children now compete with their parents and education reduced or eliminated for most children. It is easier to control the uneducated (as slavery proved).

Just wake up before losing everything. Don't expect my generation to save anything — fairly soon we will all be dead.

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