We all have rights

JSSP Letter to Editor

By Larry Knoblich | Jamestown

Two guys walk into a business place. One, citizen #1, has a COVID-19 mask on but has a revolver in his waistband. He is told to leave the weapon outside. He claims the Second Amendment and has the rights of a citizen. He then pulls the revolver, with one bullet in the cylinder, spins the cylinder, points the gun at the proprietor and squeezes the trigger. There is a loud, resounding CLICK! Citizen #1 is wrestled to the floor, disarmed and arrested.

Citizen #2 is not wearing a mask and is told that he must wear one or leave. He protests and states that he is blessed with rights and does not have to wear one. He is removed but not until he has sprayed the air we all breathe with millions of airborne droplets.

Six weeks later the citizen with the revolver appears in court and is given jail time, fined, may not possess a firearm and now has a criminal record.

The maskless one, citizen #2, in the same time period, has infected 87 people and has caused the deaths of 5 people that include a grandmother and a young nephew who had been battling leukemia.


Citizen #2 is free from punishment and suffers no guilt or remorse.

Both persons actually played Russian Roulette. One used a primitive revolver; the other a weapon of mass destruction.

Something's not right here.

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