Who will be pornography's next victim?

Ted Bundy blamed pornography for his life of crime.

JSSP Letter to Editor

You may, no doubt, have heard all of the controversy going on about books that contain pornography. The reason for the controversy is that this material is being made available to children, not only in back alleys but in public libraries and schools.

It would be good to consider what one expert would say on this subject, so let's look back to 1989 when James Dobson of Focus on the Family interviewed serial killer Ted Bundy the night before Bundy was executed. Bundy had murdered more than 20 young women before he was apprehended, tried and convicted. The day before his execution, he agreed to talk to Dobson, who asked Bundy one simple question: "Why?"

What had led Bundy to commit such heinous deeds? Bundy responded that he knew he had done terrible things, that he deserved to die, but he added "We have to look beyond retribution." The cause was pornography.

If anyone was ever an authority on the evil effect of pornography, it was Bundy. He could speak not only from his own experience but from what he had learned from his time on death row. He had talked with other prisoners awaiting execution and had asked them what fueled their life of crime. Every single one of them blamed pornography! He also told Dobson, " They can put me to death, but there will be thousands more like me." He was talking about the availability of pornography 34 years ago. That wasn't even a fraction of the amount of pornography circulating today, and today our tax dollars are subsidizing the purchase and display of pornography in our public library. Are we financing the creation of more Ted Bundys?

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