Wild horses have a role at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The National Park Service should honor the intent of the park.

JSSP Letter to Editor

The ecological and cultural role of the wild horses on appropriate landscapes within its historical range is a part of the mission and intent of the establishment of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Honoring Theodore Roosevelt's ranch life and influences.

Horses need to be managed and interpreted at ecologically relevant scales while also generating a value-added economy, improving, human and environmental health, and supporting tribal historical and cultural values associated with wild horses.

The National Park Service has the responsibility to:

  • Honor the legislation's intent that established Theodore Roosevelt park
  • Commit to conserve the wild horses as healthy wildlife/livestock
  • Commitment to a science-based approach to support genetic diversity
  • Commitment to shared stewardship
  • Ecological restoration and a commitment to maintain an appropriate landscape where their role as ecosystem engineers shapes healthy and diverse ecological communities
  • Commitment to restore cultural connections to honor and promote the unique status of wild horses as an American icon for all people
  • Manage and interpret park resources

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