Strong 'Made in the USA' policy will help the economy

It will also build good jobs for our manufacturing and building trades unions.

JSSP Letter to Editor

As a proud member of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, building some of the finest tractors in the world for 40 years, I was excited to see the State of the Union Address focus heavily on the importance of "MADE IN THE USA".

A strong policy of "MADE IN THE USA," combined with the historic bipartisan infrastructure bill, will help build a strong economy with good jobs for our manufacturing and building trades unions.

As the president of the North Dakota AFL-CIO, the state's federation of labor unions, I was also glad to see so much emphasis on so many solutions that will make the lives of working people easier: things like
helping them afford child care, cutting the cost of prescription drugs, passing the PROAct to make it easier to organize the unions workers want, increasing the minimum wage, and tackling inflation to make sure a good life is affordable for everyone.

We need our congressional delegation to pitch in and help get these major improvements for working people done.

Larson resides in West Fargo.

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