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Patrick Lalley

Engagement editor and reporter - Sioux Falls

Patrick Lalley is the engagement editor and reporter for the Forum News Service in Sioux Falls. He is a Sioux Falls native, O'Gorman High School and University of South Dakota graduate, with 30 years of journalism experience in the Upper Midwest. Patrick covers the Sioux Falls and southeast South Dakota. He is an avid cyclist and plays tuba in the up-and-coming local band, The Brassholes. Patrick lives in Sioux Falls with his wife, two kids, two cats and more bikes that he will admit to. Reach him at

Expanded supply of marijuana won't change the policies and practice of Sioux Falls Police Department
Volatile natural gas prices are affected by war in Ukraine and fluctuating international markets.
The Republican incumbent defeated Libertarian Collin Duprel in the race for South Dakota's lone seat.
Sioux Falls Republican is the second South Dakotan to win four terms in the Senate.
The excitement of months of work culminates in a few hours of chaos and remarkable moments of history.
Wholestone Farms supporters raised $300,000 last month, including $275,000 from regional pork groups.
The South Dakota Legislature would have to decide how to regulate recreational marijuana if IM27 passes. But Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken raises the city's power of home rule as a potential tool to limit pot sales.
Farmers, business leaders, politicians and residents all have a stake in the Nov. 8 election. But it's only a few thousand voters in the city limits that will make the decision.
Processing hogs requires a tremendous amount of water. Opponents of a new slaughterhouse in the city limits say it will stress supply and raise concerns about the amount and quality of the discharge. Wholestone maintains modern design anticipates potential problems.
Agriculture community perplexed by POET's opposition to Wholestone Farms' plans for pork processing plant in the city. A few farmers writing letters to newspapers to send a message to Jeff Broin, CEO of the biofuels producer, and to the voters.