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columnist Rob Port

Rob Port


Rob Port was a pioneer in political blogging in North Dakota, founding in 2003. Since then he's worked in talk radio and published print columns as well. Currently he publishes digital and print columns for the Forum News Service, and also hosts the Plain Talk podcast.

Before beginning his writing career, he spent 10 years working as a private investigator specializing in insurance fraud, accessing public records, and criminal defense.

He speaks English.

Both the "keep your bans of my body" and "abortion is murder" positions are extreme points of view supported by very few Americans.
Republican state Senate candidate Ryan Eckroth accuses journalists of not telling the full story of his financial struggles after refusing to answer their questions.
In a battleground legislative district, home to one of the biggest divides in the NDGOP's fracture, a local political party has been advertising corporate sponsorship of an event, though local party officials claim the event isn't political.
Not only do the term-limits campaigners think North Dakota voters are too stupid to be in charge of their own decision to re-elect incumbents (the whole point of their ballot measure is to limit that choice), but they think we can be bamboozled into ignoring their unethical petitioning processes too.
This film won't convince you that the 2020 election was stolen, but it is an excellent mechanism for extracting money from the wallets of MAGA-world.
Ryan Eckroth, a candidate for the state Senate in District 35, refused to answer questions when reached for comment.
Nobody makes the anti-Trump argument better than Trump himself.
Believe it or not, putting the abortion issue back before state legislatures may be the best thing for everbody.
Sen. Kevin Cramer joins this episode of Plain Talk.
Should people with business before the Fargo City Commission have to worry about their personal politics inviting attacks from the city's elected leaders?