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columnist Rob Port

Rob Port


Rob Port was a pioneer in political blogging in North Dakota, founding in 2003. Since then he's worked in talk radio and published print columns as well. Currently he publishes digital and print columns for the Forum News Service, and also hosts the Plain Talk podcast.

Before beginning his writing career, he spent 10 years working as a private investigator specializing in insurance fraud, accessing public records, and criminal defense.

He speaks English.

Every day we see crime stories and mugshots in the media. How often do we think about the human beings behind those stories? How often do we default to the prosecution's narrative in those stories?
If you want advice about COVID-19 and the vaccines, make an appointment with your primary care physician who will examine you and your medical history, and then dispense advice to you privately in a way that's not calculated to titillate an audience. But as for Becker and the question of medical ethics before us? We ought to tread carefully.
Also on this episode of Plain Talk, a pollster talks about a new survey showing very strong support in North Dakota for coal mining, coal power, and carbon capture.
His slogan may as well have gone from "Make America Great Again" to "Make Trump Great Again."
American Democracy isn't just about winning elections. It's about respecting the process even when it produces a result you don't like.
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Roers Jones is currently a state representative, having been elected to the House from District 26 in 2016.
If UND means to implement a fair policy that serves the interests of everyone on campus, and not just serve knee-jerk desires to be in line with the latest political trends, they need to do better than what they've done so far.
This situation deserves something more than a mea culpa from Stenehjem and the BCI. We need to make sure that Remus and other law enforcement agents across the state understand North Dakota's shield law for reporters, and the importance of the work reporters do.
We've been living with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the extraordinary government interventions it has provoked, for two years now. When should the river of deficit-exploding federal money, borrowed from our nation's creditors against the tax dollars our children will pay, dry up?