Jamestown High School cross country runner Meghan Ford woke up Saturday morning not feeling her best. But the third-ranked Class A runner didn't let it hamper her performance.

The sophomore cruised to a 49-second victory during the 'Orr'iginals Meet at the Parkhurst Recreation Area just north of Jamestown. Ford finished the race with a time of 18 minutes and 44 seconds.

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Parkhurst will also host the West Region and the state meet in late October.

"I have a pretty bad cold right now so I'm pretty happy with how I did," Ford said while still trying to catch her breath.

Ford said she usually breathes pretty heavy at about a mile into the race. When she reached that mark on Saturday her heavy breathing wasn't as bad so she decided to step it up a notch.

"I figured I could pick it up a little bit and see how it goes," Ford explained. "There was two miles left so if it didn't go as I wanted it wasn't a big deal because it's the beginning of the season."

The No. 1 cross country runner for the Blue Jays picked up her pace for the next 1.5 miles and started pulling away from the field. Ford did run into a slight challenge, however, during the 0.6-mile uphill finish, which was a new twist to the course this year.

"Our coach added a hill during the last 1,000 meters so that made the times slow down a little bit," Ford said. "I think my time was 40 seconds better than last year's time at the beginning of the season."

After winning the Class A 1,600-meter state title last May, Ford started training for cross country with a race at the New Balance Outdoor Nationals in mid June. Ford also ran in Wyoming for a week to train in the elevation, along with her daily running in Jamestown.

Unlike previous years, Ford feels like she ran the perfect amount, instead of overtraining for the cross country season.

"In past years, I've been a little ahead of schedule, so I would come into the season more prepared than I needed to be and I wouldn't get better throughout the season," Ford said. "I think this year will be different than that."

Ford's 18:44.22 time is six seconds behind her mark at the Class A cross country meet last October and 23 seconds behind last season's state champion Kelby Rinas (Mandan).

"I think I'm pretty close to a state championship this year," Ford said. "There was always a chance but this year is working out so far because my summer running is going way better than expected, I've been lifting a lot more and working on my strength."

"That race boosted my confidence and helped prepare me a little more mentally. I think that will help in my other races this year."

Ford's teammate Maddy Orr finished 37th with a time of 22:41.81 and Alyssa Allen was 67th (24:18.06).

On the boys side, Class B's Isaac Huber (Edgeley-Kulm) won with a time of 16:38.81. The junior was the state track and field champion in the 800, 1,600 and 3,200 last May.

The Blue Jays' best finisher was Chanler Rott who placed 11th with a time of 17:50.38. Jacob Anteau followed in 19th (18:06.92), Gavin Haut was 22nd (18:08.81) and Ben Anteau was 35th (18:45.09).

The Jamestown boys finished fourth as a team with 144 points, while the girls were eighth (276).

Next up for the Blue Jays will be the VC Invitational at Valley City Country Club on Friday.

'Orr'iginals Meet


Team results

1. Fargo Davies 56; 2. West Fargo 84; 3. Grand Forks Central 139; 4. Mandan 165; 5. Grand Forks Red River 185; 6. Rugby 189; 7. Devils Lake 246; 8. Jamestown 276; 9. May-Port-CG 279; T10. Sheyenne 367; T10. Hillsboro-CV 367; 12. Thompson 378; 13. Sargent Central-Ligder-Oakes 460; T14. Shiloh Christian 464; T14. New Rockford-Sheyenne 464; 16. LaMoure-LM 483; 17. Beulah 493; 18. Southern McLean 505; 19. Langdon-Edmore-Munich 511; 20. Northern Cass 515; 21. Harvey Well 516; 22. Central Cass 523; 23. Carrington 559; 24. Edgeley-Kulm 572; 25. Rolla 586; 26. Medina-P-B 596; 27. Valley City 598; 28. Richland 645; 29. Lisbon 671; 30. Velva 672; 31. Max-G-SP.

Blue Jay results

1. Meghan Ford 15:44.22; 37. Maddy Orr 22:41.81; 67. Alyssa Allen 24:18.06; 81. Amanda Sargeant 24:51.34; 90. Peyton Rudnick 25:36.75; 94. Sydney Zalumskis 25:51.93; 99. Emily Sargeant 26:17.06; 107. Jera Truax 26:43.25; 109. Sadie Meissner 27:04.53.

Area's Top Runners

13. Amanda Jarrett, Carr., 21:11.75; 15. Jakkia Duffy, LLM, 21:30.12; 26. Jasmine Rascon, EK, 22:06.09.


Team results

1. G.F. Red River 48; 2. Fargo Davies 101; 3. Sheyenne 138; 4. Jamestown 144; 5. Grand Forks Central 146; 6. Hillsboro-CV 206; 7. West Fargo 239; 8. Rugby 274; 9. Mandan 277; 10. Devils Lake 317; 11. Beulah 337; 12. Carrington 360; 13. Shiloh Christian 379; 14. Thompson 406; 15. Valley City 439; 16. M-G-SP 518; 17. Lisbon 533; 18. Langdon-E-M 546; 19. Central Cass 549; 20. Edgeley-K 591; 21. Southern McLean 602; 22. Turtle Mountain 627; 23. Velva 630; 24. May-Port-CG 641; 25. Medina-P-B 698; 26. Sargent Central-L-O 755; 27. LaMoure-L-M 781; 28. Richland 803; 29. Harvey Wells County 863; 30. Central McLean 873; 31. Hebron 886; 32. Lewis and Clark-Berthold 890; 33. Northern Cass 920.

Blue Jay results

11. Chandler Rott 17:50.38; 19. Jacob Anteau 18:06.92; 22. Gavin Haut 18:08.81; 35. Ben Anteau 18:45.09; 57. Zeb Willer 19:39.19; 66. Micah Hoke 19:54.13; 70. Kade Schumacher 19:58.28; 94. Hunter Mitchell 20:44.63.

Area's Top Runners

1. Isaac Huber, E-K, 16:38.81; 3. Payton Smith, Carr., 17:01.38.