Top ranked cross country runner Meghan Ford was preparing Saturday morning to run neck and neck with Mandan High School's No. 2-ranked Kelby Rinas.

But the Jamestown sophomore was pretty disappointed when Rinas, the defending state champion, was the only Braves runner to not make the trip over to Parkhurst Recreation Area.

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"I wanted her to run with me today," Ford said, who didn't know why she was absent. "I was expecting her to be here when I saw Mandan was coming but I guess she wasn't."

With no Rinas, Ford cruised to a 1 minute, 16 second victory over West Fargo's Hope Pringle to claim her sixth-straight victory of the season at the Jamestown RM Stoudt Invitational.

"I wasn't expecting to start the season out like this at all," Ford said about winning every race so far. "I had a really good summer and a good base mileage. When I started running in the offseason I got in shape quicker so I think that helps a lot."

Ford's time of 18:08.44 was a 42-second improvement from when she ran the same course back on Aug. 25 during the 'Orr'iginals Invite. Rinas also placed fourth in that race with a time of 19:51.03.

"I raced Kelby in the first race and beat her by a minute so I'm expecting the other ranked runners to get into shape quicker than me throughout the season," Ford said.

Parkhurst will also be hosting the West Region meet on Oct. 13 and state on Oct. 27.

"There were 25 teams today, many smaller, but their goal was to check out where the state meet will be held," said Blue Jay coach Ken Gardner. "My thoughts were we'd see the teams coming to us but we haven't seen a lot of the West schools yet.

"Watford City and Dickinson stopped by here on Thursday on their way to a bigger meet in Minnesota to run the course but I can't control what meets other schools go to."

Gardner said he's been preparing Ford by pacing for an 18-minute race and how fast to go during the first 400 meters.

"In track she'd go really hard in the beginning so we're picking a goal pace," the coach said. "If someone wants to run the first 400 all out then let them go."

Even with Ford not facing many ranked Class A runners through the first six races, Gardner said he doesn't think altering the schedule to face more competitive runners would be a good idea.

"I don't know if we want to be chasing any teams for Meghan to run against because who knows if that would do any good? She's won every meet by over a minute" Gardner said. "So we'd have to be chasing pretty far."

The Blue Jay boys continued their impromptu rivalry with Class B's New Town as they finished second behind the Eagles. Jamestown edged New Town for second place on Saturday, Sept. 22, at the Bill Jansen Blue-White Invitational in Valley City.

"Second place is good for us," Gardner said. "New Town ran well and better than last weekend so that's how things go sometimes."

Jamestown's Jacob Anteau finished third with a personal-best time of 16:49.96, followed by Gavin Haut (12th), Chanler Rott (14) and Ben Anteau (15).

The Blue Jays will head up to Rugby on Saturday, Oct. 6, for the final meet before regionals start.

"The boys will be seeing New Town again," Gardner said. "We've gone there consistently because we have a good relationship after going there for quite a few years."

RM Stout Invitational


Team results

1. West Fargo 35; 2. Rugby 103; 3. Mandan 113; 4. New Town 187; 5. Kindred 215; 6. Jamestown 226; 7. Parshall 227; 8. Fargo South 262; 9. Bismarck Century 277; 10. Shiloh Christian 351; 11. New Rockford-Sheyenne 370; 12. Hatton-Northwood-Larimore 388; 13. Lisbon 393; 14. LaMoure-Litchville-Marion 417; 15. MayPort-C-G 468; 16. Solen 474; 17. Carrington 488; 18. Pembina County North 498; T19. Ellendale 513; T19. St. John 513; 21. Hettinger-Scranton 519; 22. Rolla 532; 23. Barnes County North 555; 24. Dunseith 585; 25. Standing Rock 586; 26. Max-Garrison-South Prairie 606.

Blue Jay results

1. Meghan Ford 18:08.44; 49. Alyssa Allen 22:31.15; 56. Amanda Sargeant 22:43.12; 59. Eliza Herrick 22:49.68; 69. Peyton Rudnick 23:08.28; 70. Sydney Zalumskis 23:08.84; 73. Jera Truax 23:21.15; 80. Emily Sargeant 23:45.93.

Area Top Runners

3. Jakkia Duffy, LLM, 19:55.12; 22. Baylee Lura, Car., 21:15.38; 39. Karly Just, LLM, 22:07.28.


Team results

1. New Town 49; 2. Jamestown 68; 3. West Fargo 105; 4. Bismarck Century 163; 5. Griggs County Central 189; 6. Mandan 205; 7. Fargo South 239; 8. Rugby 247; 9. Kindred 274; 10. Lisbon 319; 11. Pembina County North 336; 12. Carrington 344; 13. Ellendale 363; 14. Max-Garrison-South Prairie 449; 15. Shiloh Christian 486; T16. Medina-Pingree-Buchanan 497; T16. Solen 497; 18. Hatton-Northwood-Larimore 507; 19. Standing Rock 527; 20. MayPort-C-G 540; 21. Parshall 552; 22. Stanley 583; 23. LaMoure-Litchville-Marion 627; 24. Hebron 663; 25. Edgeley-Kulm 684.

Blue Jay results

3. Jacob Anteau 16:49.96; 12. Gavin Haut 17:17.24; 14. Chandler Rott 17:22.84; 15. Ben Anteau 17:25.12; 24. Zeb Willer 18:01.81; 27. Micah Hoke 18:03.94; 29. Kade Schumacher 18:04.95; 30. Cullen Flieth 18:05.83.

Area Top Runners

6. Payton Smith, Car., 16:54.71; 25. Jacob Rexin 18:02.05; 50. Theo Thurber, ELL, 19:00.91.