Jim Christ would famously hoot the instruction to "bend your knees" to shooters at the free-throw line. It's safe to assume the phrase will be uttered countless times May 28 in the parking lot of Jamestown High School.

The "Bend Your Knees!" Campaign, a freewill car wash sponsored by the JHS athletics department, will run from 4 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday. Jamestown High School volleyball coach Sara Hegerle said the project is aimed at raising money for community service projects within the city of Jamestown, and will also celebrate the life of Christ.

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Christ, an avid Jamestown sports fan and JHS lunchroom supervisor and hall monitor, passed away June 4, 2018, after a brief battle with double pneumonia. Born with cerebral palsy in 1950, Christ received the JHS Distinguished Service Award earlier in 2018 for exceptional support and devoted service to the Blue Jay community.

"He was a big part of the daily lives of a lot of kids and coaches up there," Hegerle said. "He was always talking about bending your knees at the free-throw line, so we're just sort of bending our knees in service for the awesome town of Jamestown."

Hegerle, along with football coach Bill Nelson, baseball coach Kelley Kessler, girls track and field coach Mike Dietz, girls hockey coach Andy Fitzgerald and athletics director Jim Roaldson, formed the committee that hatched the idea. Hegerle said many student-athletes have also committed their time to help raise money and remember Christ by washing cars alongside JHS' coaching staff.

"We wanted to do something together as a staff, and do something that was beyond what we were doing on the court or the field," Hegerle said. "We're going to go out and wash cars, have some fellowship and do it for a good cause.

"It looks like the weather will be nice. We're hoping a lot of people bring their cars up."