The Jamestown High School girls tennis team wrapped up a long weekend with a home-court win.

The Blue Jays defeated Valley City 3-2 in a non-conference dual. The Jays competed in Minot on Friday where they racked up 12 points.

The girls pulled out a win this morning after a long day in Minot on Friday," JHS head coach Paul Olson said. "Back to backs are tough anyway and add in seven sets each and the travel day yesterday with a 9 a.m. start time this morning, it would have been easy to lose this one."

No. 1 spot-holder Phoebe Olson started out the dual with a 6-0, 6-4 defeat of Breck Sufficool. Kailee Nielson and Georgia Zuin carved out wins at the No. 2 and No 3 singles spots but the Jays rebounded in doubles. Lauryn Hibl and Olivia Schriock topped Abby Readfearn and Abby Martineck 6-3, 6-1.

Mya Henderson and Grace LeFevre also dished out a 6-1, 6-3 at the No. 3 doubles spot.

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"Lauryn and Olivia started slowly at No. 1 doubles but righted the ship and pulled out a win," Olson said. "Grace and Mya were good at No. 2 doubles for us. Phoebe added a nice win over a talented freshman for the Hi-Liners."

Jamestown 3, Valley City 2


No. 1: Phoebe Olson, J def. Breck Sufficool 6-0, 6-4

No. 2: Kailee Nielson, VC def. Cora Wolsky 6-4, 6-3

No. 3: Georgia Zaun, VC def. Bria Nieswaag 7-5, 6-0


No. 1: Lauryn Hibl/Olivia Schriock, J def. Abby Readfearn/Abby Martineck 6-3, 6-1

No. 2: Grace LeFevre/Mya Henderson, J def. Ari Abramson/Faith Orher 6-1, 6-3

Golf records best score of the season Saturday

The Jamestown High School boy's golf team placed third out of eight competing teams at Garden Gate Golf Course Saturday. The Jays shot a team score of 337. Bismarck Century won the meet racking up a total of 319 points.

Jed Truax ended up tying for second place shooting a two-round total of 78 points. Shea Carroll and Easton Romsdahl tied for the Jays' second-best score of the day shooting an 86 while Brooks Carroll was one stroke behind at 87.

Camron Anderson shot a 102 while Kai Backen rounded out the Jays' squad with a 114.

The Blue Jays will be back in action on Monday at Hawktree Golf Course in Bismarck. The invite is slated to tee-off at 10 a.m.

Team scores

1. Bismarck Century 319, 2. Minot 327, 3. Jamestown 337, 4. Dickinson 343, 5. Bismarck High 361, 6. Williston 366, 7. Mandan 366, 8. Bismarck Legacy 377.

Individual finishers

1. Dylan Nosbush, BC, 77; 2. Jed Truax, JHS, 78; T2. Trey Hohbein, MAN, 78; 3. Gavin Argent, MIN, 79; 4. Logan Schoepp, BC, 80; 5. Lucas Boustead, BC, 81; T5. Aidan Kaufman, BC, 81; T5. Brycen Yazzie, DHS, 81; 8. Jake Theis, MIN, 82; T8. Ashton Heilman, MIN, 82; T8. Cameron Wittenberg, BC, 82; 11. Logan Barrett, LEG, 83; T11. Ian Jelsing, BHS, 83; 13. Brock Jones, MIN, 84; 14. Tarin Walker, BHS, 86; T14. Jace Elkin, DHS, 86; T14. Kyller Hughes, DHS, 86; T14. Shea Carroll, JHS, 86; T14. Ethan Romsdahl, JHS, 86; 19. Brooks Carroll, JHS, 87; T19. Mason Mrachek, SM, 87; 21. Rossland, DHS, 88; T21. Duncan Tufte, BC, 88; 23. Jack Homiston, DHS, 90; T23. Caden Willer, SM, 90; 25. Matt Souther, LEG, 91; T25. M. Haughnoe, WIL, 91; T25. J. Ekblad, WIL, 91; 28. Jack Steckler, BHS, 94; 29. Evan Groll, DHS, 95; T29. Grant Bittner, DHS, 95; T29. Jayce Johnson, MAN, 95; 32. E. Fisher, WIL, 96; 33. Kaden Hoffman, LEG, 97; T33. Shawn Pack, MAN, 97; 35. Tyler Sandvig, BHS, 98; T35. Casey Field, MIN, 98; 37. Bennett Vatnsdal, BHS, 100; T37. J. Powers, WIL, 100; 39. Camron Anderson, JHS, 102; 40. Cooper Froelich, MAN, 104; T40. Carsen Pittman, MAN, 104; 42. Jack Zimmer, LEG, 106; 43. Andrew Neigum, LEG, 107; T43. A. Rustand, WIL, 107; T43. Zack Schmidt, SM, 107; 46. Reece Nagel, BHS, 109; 47. Jodus Talley, WC, 114; T47. Kai Backen, JHS, 114; 49. Kaylub Talley, WC, 115; 50. Derek Holen, WC, 127; T50. Mason Fuller, LEG, 127.

Blue Jay results

Jed Truax 36-42--78; Shea Carroll 42-44--86; Easton Romsdahl 47-39--86; Brooks Carroll 45-42--87; Camron Anderson 50-52-- 102; Kai Backen 60-54--114.