WEST FARGO -- The boys' Lions All-Star game was in a different gear Tuesday night at West Fargo High School. The Class B roster was looking to defend Monday's win in Bismarck and go 2-0, while Class A was looking for a shot at redemption.

Both teams took their shots but it was Class A that came away with the victory 85-74.

The first five starters for Class A began the game with a layup from West Fargo's Luke Lennon and the rest of the roster followed suit. An early three from Braeton Motschenbacher and layups from Jamestown's Mason Walters and Leif Nelson helped extend Class A's lead to 13-5 early in the first.

Walters totaled eight points in the first half and Jamestown's Jared Kallenbach added another two to Class A's total prior to the break. Leading 49-37 at the half, Class A coach Jacoby Lloyd said his roster began to play like the all-stars he and his coaching staff knew them to be.

"I think some of our players stepped up right away," Lloyd said. "We played with a different attitude we were much more athletically tough. (Class B) is athletic and strong and we had to kind of outmatch them a little bit .. I credit the kids for kind of battling the whole game."

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Class B had a strong showing in the West Fargo gym in the quest to claim the series for the record book. Bishop Ryan's Ben Bohl came out with a 3-pointer and a pair of free throws to claim the scoring lead for Class B in the first with seven points. Bohl was followed closely by Austin Molan of Ellendale with five points.

At the start of the second, Class A kept the momentum going with a field goal from Leif Nelson and Lennon. But Class B didn't let the lead slip away going on a 9-0 run. Bohl added to his seven points in the first with another three and another layup. Grafton's Dalton Albrecht helped out Class B with scoring adding 14.

A one-point deficit for Class B quickly turned to 12 as Grand Forks Central's Chris Demuth drained a 3 and Treyton Mattern of Bismarck Century sunk another 3-pointer for Class A. A slam by Class B's Albrecht and a 3 by Bohl slightly shifted the momentum of the game but Lloyd and his roster shifted the momentum right back with a couple of field goals from Mattern and six more points from Walters. Lloyd said he knew his team was capable of pulling off the win.

"They're all-stars, we didn't have to work on much," Lloyd said. "Just playing the way that earned them the right to be on this team."

But at the end of the day, Lloyd said the experience was much bigger than x's and o's

"I hope they made friends and had a great experience with some people they can connect with," Lloyd said. "Hopefully they learned a little bit from me and coach Mattern and their teammates ... it was a fun experience."


Class A 95, Class B 66

Class A's Kennedy Harris (15) applies pressure to Class B's McKenzie Johnson Monday during the Lions All-Star basketball game in Bismarck. John M. Steiner / The Sun
Class A's Kennedy Harris (15) applies pressure to Class B's McKenzie Johnson Monday during the Lions All-Star basketball game in Bismarck. John M. Steiner / The Sun

It may have been all smiles as the girls Class A and B rosters embraced to start game 2 of the Lions All-Star series, but all signs of comradery disappeared as soon as the ball was tipped.

Class A started out with a nine-point unanswered scoring run thanks to a 3-pointer from Devils Lake's Mattea Vetsch and a pair of two's by Fargo Davies' Alyssa Paper. Valley City's Taryn Dieterle went 11-for-11 from the line and also drained a pair of 3's.

Class A may have claimed the victory, but early in the first it was evident the team in purple wasn't going to make it as easy as the Monday night game at Bismarck Legacy High School. Class B put up an aggressive defense at the hoop and offense up and down the court to keep the Class A lead to single digits early the first.

A pair of triples from Beulah's Erin Walacker and Divide County's Lauryn Heide added six points to Class B's 21 points at the half. Carrington's McKenzie Johnson's three twos kept Class A's defense on its toes.

A late 3 from West Fargo Sheyenne's Maggie Manson cut the lead to six, but Class A seemed to have enough and a six-point unanswered run was the starting point for Class A's 18 point lead at the half.

Class A didn't wait to extend their lead in the second as Manson shot and made her first point before the clock reached 19:30. An 18-point lead for Class A only grew thanks to aggressive play at the basket, sharp shooting and strategic plays down the hardwood. Class B had its work cut out for it, but three 3-pointers from Pingree's Amanda Allen and nine more points from Warwick's Madison Leaf helped the team's total.

Lions All-Star Basketball Series

At West Fargo High SChool


Class A 85, Class B 74

Class A 44 41 -- 85

Class B 37 37 -- 74

Class A -- Braeton Motschenbacher 16, Treyton Mattern 14, Mason Walters 14, Chris Demuth 10, Leif Nelson 7, Luke Lennon 7, Christian Kuntz 5, Joe Jahner 5, Ben Schmidt 3, Julien Parisien 2, Jared Kallenbach 2. 31 FG, 10 fouls. 3-pointers: Motschenbacher 3, Mattern 2, Demuth 2, Jahner, Lennon.

Class B -- Mason Hedberg 17, Ben Bohl 15, Dalton Albrect 14, Austin Molan 6, Hayden Overby 5, Isaac Undlin 4, Cadyn Schwabe 4, Cody Perkins 3, Seth Hetzel 2, Luke Tupa 1. 27 FG, 15 fouls. 3-pointers: Hedberg, Bohl 3, Perkins, Albrecht 2.


Class A 95, Clas B 66

Class A 41 54 -- 95

Class B 25 41 -- 66

Class A -- Taryn Dieterle 16, Alyssa Paper 12, Megan Zander 10, Mattea Vetsch 9, Lindsay Peterson 8, Lilly Keplin 8, Maggie Manson 7, Kennedy Harris 6, Jadyn Sondval 6, Jayln Helstad 5, Mya Klein 5. 29 FG, 12 fouls. 3-pointers: Manson, Vetsch 2, Peterson, Dieterle, Zander, Sondval, Keplin 2.

Class B -- Madison leaf 13, Amanda Allen 11, McKenzie Johnson 8, LaTosha Thunderhawk 8, Lauren Heide 6, Erin Walcker 5, Amanda Roller 5, Karsyn Hager 5, Anni Stier 3, Ellie Stafford 2. Totals: 22 FG, 21 fouls (Leaf). 3-pointers: Allen 3, Walcker, Leaf, Heide 2, Roller, Hager.