Child's play: 'Chucky' tackling trailer house at Jamestown Speedway

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Jamestown race car driver Chuck Christ will drive a 1998 Ford Explorer through a single-wide trailer house this Saturday night, June 27, at Jamestown Speedway. Submitted photo

Jamestown Speedway’s goal to make regular race nights “a little more interesting” could reach a high-water mark this Saturday.

Local legend division driver Chuck Christ will drive an orange 1998 Ford Explorer through a single-wide trailer house following the races scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. After suffering a cracked sternum, bruised ribs, a bruised lung and a slipped vertebrae in an on-track rollover last June in Wishek, taking on a few light wall studs and insulation seems like child’s play to “Chucky” -- North Dakota’s newest stuntman.

“After I flipped in Wishek, how can I be scared of anything else?” Christ said. “I was down at Lisbon -- Sheyenne River Speedway -- and I was talking to (track announcer) Corey Litton … he goes, ‘You’re going to be the North Dakota Evel Knievel.”

Jamestown Speedway trailer house.jpg
Jamestown race car driver Chuck Christ will drive a 1998 Ford Explorer through this single-wide trailer house Saturday night, June 27, at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun


With spectator enjoyment in mind, local bomber driver Travis Edinger donated the vacant trailer house, which was transported from Jamestown’s Sunnyside Trailer Court to the speedway’s infield on Wednesday by Shawn Schumacher Construction. Current plans call for Chucky to speed through Turns 4 and 3, enter the infield from the backstretch, drive up a dirt ramp and crash broadside through the house that’s positioned northwest to southeast.

The stunt, culminating in front of the main grandstand, will be accompanied by fireworks supplied by Corey Bayer of Jamestown’s Fantastic Fireworks.

“We need to get people out here at the grandstands,” Christ said. “People like seeing crashes, people like seeing stupid, silly stuff. I said, ‘I’ll do something silly.’

“The game plan was, ‘Well, I’ll get a vehicle, drive it through a trailer house.”

On a scale from 1-10, Jamestown Speedway promoters Tim and Allison Baldwin are hoping for an 11 in entertainment value.

“Saturday after the races are all over, we’re gonna see what it’s like to crash a car through a trailer house,” Tim Baldwin said. “I would consider that must-see entertainment. It’s something I’ve never seen in person.”

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Jamestown's Chuck Christ (79) competes in a legend car heat race at Jamestown Speedway on June 20, 2020. Michael Savaloja / The Sun


The Explorer stunt vehicle has been painted hunter orange with “CHUCKY” displayed on the doors in black duct tape. Expanded metal has been placed over the windshield and front-door glass to help ensure Chucky’s safety.

The stunt vehicle was originally designed to comfortably seat five passengers. Maybe Christ’s son, Charlie, driver of the No. 79 Midwest modified, will co-pilot?

“I said, ‘Charlie, if you wanna ride along you can ride along with your old man,’” Christ said. “We’ll see. It’s a pretty gutted out trailer house. It’s 2x2 walls. It’ll explode really easy.”

It was determined the stunt should follow the night’s racing action because of the uncertain amount of debris the event may cause.

“I’m just gonna hit it as hard as I can,” Christ said. “I am not scared.”

Track conditions

Last Saturday’s dry racing surface claimed a fair amount of tires, which Baldwin said is being addressed.

He said the issue was two-fold: forecasted rain never materialized and the track’s main race-day water truck lost its water pump.

“At about 1 o’clock Saturday afternoon … the water pump blew up,” Baldwin said. “That was the worst possible time. We have backup water pumps but by the time we got it squared away, it was too late to really do anything.


“It’s hard to catch up once you get behind on race day.”

Multiple drivers voiced displeasure on social media following the races, as the track proved difficult on tires. Lucas Rodin lost a right rear tire while leading the 37-lap Midwest modified Jeff Carpenter Memorial.

“It was just kinda a perfect storm of bad things happening,” Baldwin said. “We had kinda banked on the rain Saturday night or Friday morning … and then we were in the middle of trying to catch up with water when the pump went out on us.”

All regular classes will race Saturday, which is also half-price beer night.

Savaloja is the sports lead writer for The Jamestown Sun.
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