Chucky's back: Local stuntman returning to Jamestown Speedway

Will Chucky sail through? Or, will the 24-foot Dodge resist and topple in a dramatic crash that could mark the end of the road for both vehicles?

"Chucky" returns to destroy another dwelling this Saturday, June 26, 2021, at Jamestown Speedway. Submitted photo

In a spectacular eruption of drywall and pink fiberglass insulation, local stuntman Chuck "Chucky" Christ effortlessly sliced through a single-wide trailer house last summer at Jamestown Speedway.

Christ and his trusty 1998 Ford Explorer are set to thrill once again this Saturday, serving up a mid-70s Dodge Class C motorhome as an encore.

Much more rigid in design compared to the 2x2 wooden studs of last year's trailer house, Christ -- who currently competes weekly in the INEX legends class -- is confident his orange SUV will remain unbeaten and move to 2-0.

Others aren't so sure.

"I've got some calls already," Christ said. "People think, 'That's smaller. It looks more heavy duty than that old trailer.'


"They've been putting a deal together out there at the Jamestown Speedway. Who's gonna win: Chucky or the motorhome?" Christ added. "I think it's tied right now."

Will Chucky sail through? Or, will the 24-foot Dodge resist and topple in a dramatic crash that could mark the end of the road for both vehicles?

Saturday's racing begins at 7 p.m. with the infield stunt planned to wrap up the night following all of the action on the track. All regular classes will compete along with a mini-stocks special and hornets.

The speedway has partnered with Sheyenne Speedway in Lisbon to host the Top Gun Bombers and Mini Stocks Special this Saturday in Jamestown and Sunday in Lisbon.

But Chucky is Saturday night only. The Dodge motorhome was donated for use by Dennis Michel at Michel's Auto Sales & Parts of Jamestown.

"No, I'm not nervous," Christ said. "I got nine lives. I've still got seven more I think yet?"


Jamestown Speedway is offering half-price beer this weekend from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

"If we can put a smile on someone's face and sell some beer and hotdogs, then people are having a good time," Christ said. "It's just like going over a bad railroad track out by the Bloom exit (east of Jamestown) there.

"I think a guy's going to have to hit this a little harder to go through it. It's gonna explode, there ain't no doubt about it."

Jamestown Speedway Chucky.jpg
FILE PHOTO: Jamestown race car driver Chuck Christ will drive a 1998 Ford Explorer through a single-wide trailer house this Saturday night, June 27, at Jamestown Speedway. Submitted photo

Savaloja is the sports lead writer for The Jamestown Sun.
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