Jimmies coaches work hard in the summer offseason

The program has 90 days off between formal events.

UJ Softball
Jimmies head coach Kevin Gall watches on during a game between the Jimmies and the Hastings College Broncos on May 2, 2022 at Trapper Field.
John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun
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JAMESTOWN — As the University of Jamestown track and field season has come to an end, the collegiate athletic department is officially in offseason mode. Despite having no games until Aug. 25, the Jimmies coaches are finding ways to stay busy.

Some coaches continue to work to recruit athletes, while others like Jimmies men’s soccer head coach Connor Campbell works with the Jamestown Soccer Club.

“The summer slows down a little bit and I think it is important to be involved with the community and get to know those players and their families,” Campbell said. “So, I see it as a way to do that. We want to do more of that as a whole team in the fall and the spring as well. It is a natural connection, obviously (Jimmies women’s soccer coach Nick) Becker has a ton of connections because he’s worked there longer. Right now it’s three practices a week and then we’ll do a couple tournaments in June and then after that it’s about it.”

As far as what some of the coaches do while they are in the office, Jimmies men’s hockey coach Dean Stork said it was mostly paperwork type things.

“A lot of budget, trying to figure out the budget for next year, scheduling a little bit,” Stork said. “Even though we’re in a conference, we still have 11 to 12 non-conference games, strength of schedule to try to get those top heavy hitters. A lot of communication with the other coaches … buses, hotels, itineraries. That takes up quite a bit of time, more in July and August though.”


One of the most unique offseasons in the entire athletic department is that of women’s hockey coach Amber Schaack who is preparing for her team’s inaugural season. Schaack said part of her offseason is making sure that when her players step on campus in the fall, the administrative things like the schedule, equipment and the travel are set.

“A big thing this summer will be, since none of the girls are in town or anything yet, having those touch points with them this summer,” Schaack said. “We’ll do a June check in with each of the girls, a July check in with each of the girls, and then in August we’ll do a team meeting again before everybody gets on campus.”

Outside of the office, Schaack said she will work at Jamestown native Jeff Nold’s 2 Dogs Hockey camp in Fargo with the hope of possibly recruiting some of the camp’s attendees.

During the summer, softball head coach Kevin Gall said he works a second job to make ends meet.

“I’m on a 10-month contract and most coaches are, so I pick up a job in the summer of working on the field, working in McElroy Park,” Gall said. “So in the mornings in June and July you can probably find me down there quite often.”

Since softball is a spring sport, Gall said he is still putting together his team’s schedule.

Ahead of the summer softball all-star game circuit, Gall said a lot of recruiting happens during those events.

“Right now we’re going to be looking at the WDA tournament and the EDC tournaments and the Minnesota high school tournaments; South Dakota plays their softball in the fall so they do it differently,” Gall said. “We just need to be out being seen and evaluating players, watch how they act in the dugout, do all the stuff that recruiters do.”


Outside of the office, Stork said he spends a lot of time during the summer hanging out with his kids and helping them in their activities.

“I like to get in early and knock out three or four hours in the morning and try to get out in the afternoons and spend time with my family, golf is always nice to do,” Stork said. “But, visiting with the kids and keeping them busy, they have basketball, they have volleyball, they have an outdoorsy camp that they are going to."

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