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Jamestown's Ford ranked No. 1

Jamestown High School girls cross country runner Meghan Ford is ranked No. 1 in the 2018 Class A North Dakota High School Coaches Poll for Aug. 29. The sophomore was third in the preseason poll.

Ford beat out Mandan's Kelby Rinas (previously ranked second) by 1 minute, 7 seconds during the 'Orr'iginals Meet at Parkhurst Recreation Area just north of Jamestown on Aug. 25.

Former top-ranked runner Mattie Shirley-Fairbairn (Bismarck High) moved down in the rankings because the team hasn't ran a race yet.

Edgeley-Kulm's Isaac Huber is ranked first in the Class B boys and Carrington's Payton Smith is second.

The Jamestown boys and girls cross country teams run at the VC Invite at Valley City Country Club tomorrow.

Poll No. 1


Class A

Team: 1. Fargo Davies; 2. Bismarck Century; 3. West Fargo; 4. Minot; 5. Bismarck.

Individual: 1. Meghan Ford, JHS; 2. Megan Lundstrom, FD; 3. Mattie Shirley-Fairbairn, BHS; 4. Kelby Rinas, Man.; 5. Emily Goldade, BC; 6. Alexis Roehl, GF Central; 7. Lindsey Werner, BL; 8. Kayla Ogle, WC; 9. Payton Lane, FD; 10. Erin Palmer (BC).

Class B

Team: 1. Rugby; 2. MayPort-C-G; 3. Hillsboro-CV; 4. New Town; 5. Thompson.

Individual: 1. Lana Krack, Thomp.; 2. Elise Ramberg, Lang.; 3. Dreah Frolek, SC-L; 4. Amanda Jarrett, Carr.; 5. Quinn Nepp, Rug.; 6. Jakkia Duffy, L-L-M; 7. Anna Strand, MP-C-G; 8. Mykell Heidlebaugh, Rug.; 9. Anna Mehus, MP-C-G; 10. Jensyn Zink, H-CV.


Class A

Team: 1. Williston; 2. Bismarck Century; 3. Bismarck Legacy; 4. G.F. Red River; 5. Bismarck High.

Individual: 1. Alex Luz, FN; 2. Brady Yoder, D; 3. Micade Shumway, W; 4. Austin Wald, BC; 5. Isaiah Germolus, BL; 6. Jacob Jenson, TM; 7. Leif Larsen, W; 8. Sean Korsmo, BH; 9. Carl Reis, BL; 10. Jake Arason, G.F. RR.

Class B

Team: 1. New Town; 2. Hillsboro-CV; 3. Rugby; 4. Bowman County; 5. Beulah-Hazen.

Individual: 1. Isaac Huber, E-K; 2. Payton Smith, Carr.; 3. Robert White, NT; Jaiven Hale, NT; 5. Coltan Anderson, H-CV; 6. Chase Fossum, H-CV; 7. Pierce Copper, Thomp.; 8. Riley Zachmeier, Rug.; 9. Ian Busche, B-H; 10. Noah Rolfe, Stan.