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Jamestown Speedway played host to an evening of dirt track racing unlike any other on Saturday night. And, if you're a race fan who missed it, shame on you. Jamestown's Jason Grimes banzaied underneath Grand Fork's Dustin Strand in turns three an...

John M. Steiner / The Sun From top to bottom, Oriska's Ryan Pommerer, Jamestown's Troy Nelson, Carrington's Rusty Kollman and Sykeston's Trent Grager battle for early position in the first of two WISSOTA Street Stock features held at Jamestown Speedway on Saturday night.

Jamestown Speedway played host to an evening of dirt track racing unlike any other on Saturday night.

And, if you're a race fan who missed it, shame on you.

Jamestown's Jason Grimes banzaied underneath Grand Fork's Dustin Strand in turns three and four on the final lap of the rescheduled June 5th WISSOTA Modified feature, only to have Strand beat him back to the checkered flag by mere inches via a perfectly executed crossover maneuver out of turn No. 4.

"I could hear (Grimes) behind me. I didn't want to change lanes with only one lap left and I was able to hang on," Strand said. "We made it interesting at the end."

Grimes started mid-pack in ninth, and rode the very top of the track in pursuit of Strand. Strand held low in the first set of corners throughout the race and moved high to run turns three and four, all the while losing ground to Grimes.


Grimes was going for his third feature win in Jamestown this season, and if there had been one or two more laps the win could have very well been his.

"That was the plan," Grimes smiled. "It didn't work out, I guess. Oh well."

Jamie Trautner, of Felton, Minn., wasn't even able to cross the start/finish line at the start of the rescheduled May 22nd Modified feature.

As the field took the green flag, Trautner, who started third, got caught up in a melee that began with contact in the front row, resulting in Trautner flipping through the air out of the exit of turn four and coming to a rest near the concrete barrier alongside the front stretch grandstand.

Trautner rolled twice, landing on his wheels, and walked away.

"I felt like I was in a pop can. I don't really know what happened," Trautner said. "It's silent in the air. You don't even hear the other motors.

"It would make a heck of a fair ride for someone."

The defending WISSOTA Modified national points champion Blake Jegtvig, of Hawley, Minn., went on to win the race -- his fourth feature win in 2010. Jegtvig started sixth and got through the wreck that claimed Trautner, which started when pole sitter Tim Compson, of Valley City, and Strand came together on the opening green flag.


"I just saw a guy up front start flipping. I hit the gas and said, 'I better get out of this mess.'" Jegtvig said. "When I saw all the cars stopped on the front stretch I knew it wasn't a good deal."

Four drivers were penalized during the red flag for having crew members come out on to the track. Strand, Grimes, Jerry Lamb, of Lisbon, N.D., and John Corell, of Jamestown, were all sent to the rear of the field.

Strand charged all the way back to second but didn't have anything left for Jegtvig, who rolled to victory.

"I felt like we kind of got a raw deal. There were six or seven other guys doing the same thing and only a few of us got penalized," Strand said. "The car was awesome the first half of the race. But (Jegtvig) and I were going about the same speed and I didn't have any more."

"Dustin got me last night (in Ada., Minn.). I told him you can't be greedy," Jegtvig smiled. "I'm trying to have fun. I feel like last year I did what I wanted to do, and now I'm trying some stuff that I've always wanted to try.

"Points championships are tough. They'll take the fun right out of it."

Carrington's Rusty Kollman all but ran down leader Luke Nelson, of Valley City, during the May 22nd WISSOTA Street Stock make up feature. But with 7 laps to go, Kollman's transmission went up in a plume of smoke as Nelson cruised on to his first Street Stock feature victory of the season.

"Tonight was good. I switched some stuff on the car. I found a few things that were broken," Nelson said. "I knew I started on the front row. I pretty much held it down and hoped she'd turn."


The roles were reversed in Street Stock feature No. 2.

This time it was Kollman leading from start to finish, and in the closing laps Nelson was forced to hand over second position to Mandan's Craig Ohlhauser after blowing up a motor. It was Kollman's fifth feature win of the season.

"We struggled at the beginning of the year, but we've got things better," Kollman said. "We're at least competitive now, anyways."

"There's not too many nights were you can still be happy after blowing up a motor," Nelson laughed.

Kollman started third, right behind his son, Justin Kollman, of Aberdeen, who was on the pole. Rusty Kollman made it three-wide at the start, blowing past his son and never looking back.

Justin Kollman finished seventh.

"That's tough to do when you've got boys out there. But you've got to do what you've got to do," Rusty Kollman said. "They now I'm going to race them hard. It's the only way they'll learn."

But the night belonged to Jamestown's Ryan Mikkelson and Carrington's Chris Gussiaas.


In an evening that was a direct product of Mother Nature, Mikkelson and Gussiaas were afforded the opportunity to win two features in one night.

They both did just that.

A night after winning Friday's WISSOTA Midwest Modified Special at Brown County Speedway in Aberdeen, Mikkelson notched season victories No. 6 and No. 7 in Jamestown on Saturday.

"It's unbelievable," Mikkelson said. "You don't get too many chances to win two features in one night. It was special."

Gussiaas began his night by winning the biggest trophy of the evening by besting the field in the inaugural Bomber Special between Jamestown's and Aberdeen's Central Dakota Pure Stocks.

Jamestown's Joe Jacobson was leading the race in the final laps, but a two-spot penalty for jumping a prior restart had him finishing the race in third place.

Gussiaas was racing his brother, Brandon Gussiaas, of New Rockford, N.D., hard for what was the lead in second, until Brandon spun out in turn No. 1 on the final lap. Brandon finished 16th.

"That was fun, but it's kind of nerve wracking," Chris Gussiaas said. "You just pray you don't hit each other and hope one of us two wins it."


Gussiaas made it 2-for-2 by winning the rescheduled June 5 Bomber feature. Gussiaas started both feature events on the pole, and now has six career feature wins in Jamestown.

"I haven't finished a race all year," Gussiaas said. "It was a good Father's Day present."

Indeed, it was a special night for Jamestown Speedway.

It was the first Saturday night in four weeks where rain wasn't the winner. Last week's races were rained out completely, and track officials were forced to make up a total of seven feature races on Saturday after the feature events on May 22 and June 5 were called off due to rain.

No heat events, besides what was included in the Bomber Special, were held, and Jamestown Speedway made sure the event would be special for the fans as well.

Anyone who picked up their advanced ticket at Stop-N-Go locations in Jamestown, Carrington and Valley City were admitted into the grandstand free of charge.

A regular night of WISSOTA Modified, Midwest Modified, Street Stock and Central Dakota Pure Stock racing is scheduled for next Saturday.

Drivers will be giving kids rides around the track prior to racing. The green flag drops at 7 p.m.


Jamestown Speedway


June 19

Bomber Special

Feature: Chris Gussiaas, Corey Jacobson, Joe Jacobson, Jeff Vogel, Ryan Widmer, Tyler Michel, Josh Ganser, Jason Thoms, Lucas Rodin, Charlie Carr, Bryan Wolf, Devin Christ, Shawn Becker, Leann Christensen, Randy Gordon, Brandon Gussiaas, Kyle Sand, Justin Schempp, Dusty Hinrichs, Timothy Skeide, Mike Sahr, Jonny Carter

Heat 1: J. Jacobson, Widmer, Christensen, Sahr, Rodin, Sand, Hinrichs, Skeide

Heat 2: C. Jacobson, C. Gussiaas, B. Gussiaas, Michel, homs, Carr, Gordon

Heat 3: Christ, Ganser, Vogel, Carter, Wolf, Schempp, Becker


Feature: Steven Nicholson, Zach Dockter, Ethan Mabus, Wayne Guthmiller, Dylan Wiesz, Leon Dubois, Julius Schrenk, Mitchell Swenning, Brandon Michel

Rescheduled Features

May 22, 2010

WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature: Blake Jegtvig, Dustin Strand, Mike Greseth, John Corell, Shane Laske, Jason Grimes, Jason Strand, Randy Klein, Jerry Lamb, Mark Trautner, Randy Tarno, Josh Eberhardt, Eric Edwards, Bob Sagen, Ross Romdalvik, Ben Mickelson, Jamie Trautner, Corey Seckerson, Tim Compson

WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: Luke Nelson, Troy Nelson, Jordan Zillmer, Ryan Pommerer, Craig Ohlhauser, Geoff Hellman, Travis Ulmer, Kelly Hagel, Royce Jawaski, Randy Kollman, Dustin Erickson, Jake Emo, Billie Christ, Justin Kollman, Tom Bjerke, Rusty Kollman, Casey Stangeland, Trent Grager, Cammy Ost

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: Ryan Mikkelson, Lance Schill, Scott Bintz, Josh Eberhardt, Ryan Lehr, Jerry Theis, Dale Johnson, Travis Aljets, Tim Compson, Landon Becker, Austin Arneson, Eric Edwards, Jim Morlock Shawn Nostdahl, Jordan Jangula, Jeremy Forester, Tyler Schrenk, Terry Sahr, Dave Peterson, Rick Hamel, Cale Arneson

June 5, 2010

WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature: Dustin Strand, Jason Grimes, Blake Jegtvig, Jason Strand, Shane Laske, John Corell, Corey Seckerson, Mike Stearns, Randy Klein, Ross Romdalvik, Bob Sagen, John Nord, Mike Greseth, Jerry Lamb, Randy Tarno, Josh Eberhardt, Eric Edwards, Ryan Fike

WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: Rusty Kollman, Craig Olhauser, Troy Nelson, Kelly Hagel, Barrett Berg, Ryan Pommerer, Justin Kollman, Billie Christ, Casey Stangeland, Randy Kollman, Rick Pommerer, Royce Jawaski, Jake Emo, Travis Ulmer, Jordan Zillmer, Luke Nelson, Nic Klein, Geoff Hellman

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: Ryan Mikkelson, Jerry Theis, Ryan Lehr, Greg Friestad, Josh Eberhardt, Eric Edwards, Jim Morlock, Austin Arenson, Travis Aljets, Tyler Schrenk, Scott Bintz, Darin Smith, Lance Schill, Shawn Nostdahl, Dale Johnson, Tim Compson, Cale Arneson


Feature: Chris Gussiaas, Corey Jacobson, Justin Schempp, Jeff Vogel, Shawn Becker, Jason Thoms, Tyler Michel, Devin Christ, Ryan Widmer, Leann Christensen, Lucas Rodin, Randy Gordon, Charlie Carr, Joe Jacobson, Mike Sahr, Josh Ganser, Bryan Wolf, Brandon Gussiaas

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