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Jamestown Sun sports reporter Chris Aarhus and KQDJ sports director Steve Linzmeier have started a new segment called "Five Questions Friday" that airs the final Friday of every month between noon and 2 p.m. on AM 1400.

Jamestown Sun sports reporter Chris Aarhus and KQDJ sports director Steve Linzmeier have started a new segment called "Five Questions Friday" that airs the final Friday of every month between noon and 2 p.m. on AM 1400.

The transcript of that segment appears below in a column called "Five Questions with Steve Linzmeier."

CHRIS: Percentage-wise, if the Blue Jay football team stays healthy, what are their chances of making the playoffs?

STEVE: I'm gonna say it's really good. I'd say probably 70, 80, 90 percent. I think this team is gonna be right behind the big three in the West. I think it's obviously Minot, Century and Bismarck High in some order at the top.

If you're looking at Mandan, Dickinson and Jamestown as the next three, I have a hard time thinking that Jamestown is not going to be the class of that second level. If they can stay healthy-which they didn't last year but they did two years ago when they made the playoffs-I think this team is going to make a very big stride toward the playoffs.


CHRIS: Do you like the football road uniforms for UJ and JHs, or do you prefer the home ones?

STEVE: Last year, I was watching a Jamestown High basketball game. The girls were on the court in their blue jerseys. When I'm on the road, I see them all the time, so I didn't think of it as a new thing. I had multiple people comment to me that they were pretty sharp.

Certainly, I am very pro the University of Jamestown black jerseys, the home ones. I love being at Taylor Stadium. You know when they're there, they're gonna wear the black ones. I'm pro the black ones. The whites do look nice though, especially under the lights at Presentation.

In terms of the Jays, I would lean to the all-blue, but I also like to see the all-white on the road.

CHRIS: What do you think about UJ playing Valley City State twice in football?

STEVE: I love it. I made a joke that we should play them four times. I think it's such a great rivalry. Why not play it twice? One doesn't count in the conference standings, and that's fine. There's enough on the line when these two teams meet, that we should play two times. The games are that much fun. It brings in people from both cities. The crowd is great.

In talking with coaches (last week), coach Dennis McCullough from Valley City said he liked playing Jamestown twice. It's fun. He'd rather play in front of a packed house at Shelly Ellig Field in Valley City or Rollie Greeno Field in Jamestown, than playing with nobody there. That's what college football is all about-big rivalries. Why not play twice? I love it.

CHRIS: Is Twins rookie Miguel Sano a triple-crown threat?


STEVE: He's got the tools, but the Twins haven't had good luck with these prospects. I shutter to think about that. He does have all the tools to do it. He can hit for power, he can hit for average.

The thing I like the most about him is that he hits mistake pitches, and that's something the Twins have not had in a long time. I know it's only two months of a sample size, but when somebody makes a mistake, he makes them pay.

Will he be able to do it? Will enough guys get on in front of him to drive in Miguel Cabrera-type RBI numbers? I don't know. But I think he's gonna hit for average and hit for power, and he's got a great chance.

CHRIS: Does the loss of wide receiver Jordy Nelson do anything to the Green Bay Packers' record?

STEVE: I don't know if it necessarily does anything to their record. I still think they're probably somewhere in the 12-4 or 11-5 range. But I think it doesn't make them the top contender. I really thought-even as a Packer fan and I'm usually really negative about my team-I felt like they were the bona fide best team in the NFC.

Now I think they've probably slipped back in there with Seattle and Dallas as the top three teams. Before the injury, I thought they were No. 1 with a bullet as the favorite to win the NFC. Now I think they've probably slipped down a bit. But maybe Rodgers goes out and puts up some career numbers without Nelson and it's not even an issue.

Five Questions Friday can be heard on the Noon to Two with Steve Linzmeier on the last Friday of every month. The column will be appear in the following Tuesday edition of the Jamestown Sun. Linzmeier's radio show runs daily Monday through Friday on AM 1400.

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