Replay reviews of potential pass-interference calls in the last two minutes of games and in overtime will be initiated by the replay official and not coaches, but the bar will be set high for such video checks, the NFL's competition committee announced Thursday.

A previous proposal would have put the onus on coaches to ask for late-game reviews of possible pass interference, but the protocol was changed after coaches reportedly disapproved with that plan.

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The NFL's statement read, in part, "After the two-minute warning of each half and during overtime, the Replay Official will stop the game to initiate a review for pass interference under stricter criteria than for other reviewable plays to prevent excessive game stoppages. ...

"A decision on the field will only be reversed when there is 'clear and obvious visual evidence' that warrants a change."

The Thursday announcement doesn't constitute an official policy for the 2019 season, as the NFL will give teams until next week to provide feedback on the latest tweak.

The league also announced that it would not take an overly lenient view of Hail Mary plays during video checks. Referees on the field generally allow more contact on Hail Mary passes than on typical passes.