Jamestown High School's first girls' golf tournament of 2019 ended more or less how head coach Tracy Gustafson had expected, but maybe not exactly how she'd have liked.

The Blue Jay team of Alyssa Zachrison, Kyra Vogel, Bria Niewswaag and Cora Wolsky carded a 391 at Dunseith's Garden Gate Golf Course at the season-opening Turtle Mountain Invitational on Friday, Aug. 9. The tournament's entire team and individual results were not immediately available following the event.

"The first tournament of the year seemed to have posed some challenges for us," Gustafson said. "The ladies did make many smart club choices, but I felt that we had many unfortunate lies and bounces. On the reverse side of that, we could have avoided some of those areas, had we made small adjustments along the way and learned from previous mistakes. The greens rolled fast and broke hard, which resulted in 3-putts for the girls."

Vogel, a junior, recorded the lowest score for the Jays at 93, followed by both Niewsaag and Wolsky at 99 and Alyssa Zachrison at 100. Gustafson said she is proud of her players' stamina throughout the day but added she is especially proud of Vogel's strong mental game.

"Kyra was hitting her driver well. She was also in good spirits and could quickly reset from a poor or missed shot," Gustafson said. "It's very easy to let a negative mind game take over and consume you. Kyra has worked hard on maintaining a clear mind and staying calm through challenging situations."

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Historically, Gustafson said the Blue Jays record higher scores at the first couple of tournaments due to pressure, excitement and nerves. Gustafson added one thing she will be focusing on in the coming weeks is maintaining a strong mental game in order to avoid inconsistent swings and putts during tournament play.

"Balancing all of that is something that just comes with time," Gustafson said. "I don't know if one ever truly perfects that because it's so hard (but) I will definitely be looking at that."

The Jays will have an opportunity to lower their scores Monday, August 12, as they host the East-West Classic at Hillcrest Golf Course beginning at 1 p.m. Gustafson said she would like to see her team put up some scores in the 80s and lower their overall putting scores.

"That will be an interesting day for us," Gustafson said. "It hasn't been held at Hillcrest for a while so that will be a change for us, but I know the girls are excited. I really want to see some scores in the 80s, for sure. I know they are capable of doing that and just being aware of making changes throughout your game, I'd like to see that too."

Turtle Moutain Invitational

At Garden Gate Golf Course, Dunseith

Jamestown (391): Alyssa Zachrison 52-48--100; Kyra Vogel 47-46--93; Bria Niewsaag 50-49--99; Cora Wolsky 48-57--99.