The Blue Jays capitalized on their home course advantage Monday and Tuesday.

"Yesterday we came up and shot a 396 which was over 30 strokes of an improvement (from Friday) right there so I was happy with that and the girls were too," Jamestown High School head golf coach Tracy Gustafson said. "Then today we had more improvement and so far we've improved every round as a team so I am really happy with that, we are heading in the right direction."

The Jamestown High School golf team hosted the annual East-West golf invitational at the Jamestown Country Club Monday and Tuesday. The Blue Jays finished 15th out of 19 competing teams carding a two-round team score of 780. Prior to the Jays' home meet, the team competed at Garden Gate Golf Course in Dunseith where they carded a one-round total of 431.

Jamestown's Grace LeFevre chips onto the green Monday at the Jamestown Country Club.
John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun
Jamestown's Grace LeFevre chips onto the green Monday at the Jamestown Country Club. John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun

Bismarck Century took the team title Tuesday shooting a 618. Century's team leader, Hannah Herbel, was the low-scorer, winning the two-day event title with a 73-74--147.

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The Jays will be back in action on Friday at Bismarck's Tom O'Leary Golf Course. The meet is slated to begin at 10 a.m.

Due to last season's COVID-19 protocols, the last and only time the Jays saw teams representing the Eastern Dakota Conference (EDC) was at the 2020 state golf tournament in early October. Gustafson said it was fun to see everyone back in the mix, not only for social components but also as a tool for sharpening players' games.

"It's always a fun beginning of the season thing with east and west girls playing together," Gustafson said. "Everybody gets to mingle and compete with different competitors, meet new girls -- dividing up teams gives that whole East-West effect."

While some Blue Jays may have been playing with some competitors they hadn't met before, it didn't seem to affect their swings or their focus.

"Some of the holes up here at the Country Club can be challenging for people who don't play it very often," Gustafson said. "Having practiced out here and with it being some of the (Blue Jays) home course there's an advantage of course management and just playing their ball and carrying on."

Jamestown's Bria Nieswaag lines up a putt Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2021, at the Jamestown Country Club.
John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun
Jamestown's Bria Nieswaag lines up a putt Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2021, at the Jamestown Country Club. John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun

In addition to Gustafson's top-five golfers, the head coach also added in a couple of eighth-graders in McKenna Nieswaag and Mylee Michel. Nieswaag carded a 112 for the Jays on Monday while Michel shot a 123 on Tuesday. Gustafson said as a team, the Blue Jays made smart decisions regarding their club choices and did not force shots that were not appropriate.

"It's these ladies' first varsity experience and for them to maintain consistency through all 18-holes, I was pretty impressed," Gustafson said. "It gets me excited looking at the future years."

Michel and Nieswaag weren't the only ones who impressed the Blue Jay head coach.

Olivia Sorlie shot her personal best round Tuesday carding an 83, improving 10 strokes off her Monday performance. The sophomore shot the team low-score at 176. Senior Bria Nieswaag was the Jays No. 2 scorer shooting an 88-90--178.

I was just ecstatic for her because she was in really good spirits all throughout the day, she just kept her head up and was looking forward to the positive," Gustafson said of Sorlie. "Grace LeFevre also broke 100 for the first time so there were a couple of milestones for us. It kind of lit a fire under them to keep moving forward with this momentum."

LeFevre, a senior, shot a personal best of 97 to improve on her day No. 1 score by six strokes. LeFevre's sister Isabel rounded out the Jays' top-four scores with a two-round total of 231.

"We're ready to go for Friday now that we've got a couple under our belt and we know what we are capable of," Gustafson said. "We'll just keep moving forward."

Jamestown's Olivia Sorlie follows through on a putt Monday at the Jamestown Country Club.
John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun
Jamestown's Olivia Sorlie follows through on a putt Monday at the Jamestown Country Club. John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun

East-West Classic

Jamestown Country Club

Scores by team

1. Century, 314-304--618; 2. Fargo Davies, 327-315--642; 3. Fargo Shanley, 335-327--662; 4. Legacy, 336-335--671; 5. Mandan, 341-335--676; 6. Grand Forks Red River, 346-342--688; 7. Fargo South, 358-353--711; 8. Minot, 364-38--722; 9. Dickinson, 374-364--738; 10. Bismarck High, 363-377--740; 11. Williston, 372-376--746; 12. Wahpeton, 372-376--748; 13. West Fargo Sheyenne, 385-364--749; 14. Fargo North, 380-370--750; 15. Jamestown, 396-385--780; 16. West Fargo, 388-394--782; 17. St. Mary’s, 387-398--785; 18. Grand Forks Central, 411-400--811; 19. Watford City, 574-538--1085.

Top-10 finishers

1. Hannah Herbel, 73-74--147; 2. Anna Huettl, Mandan, 73-75--148; 3. Leah Herbel, 78-73--151; T4. Lexi Bartley, Davies, 79-75--154; T4. Lindsey Astrup, Fargo Shanley, 80-74--154; 6. Rose Solberg, Fargo Davies, 80-75--155; 7. Jaya Grube, GF Red River, 79-77--156; 8. Carrie Carmichael, Williston, 79-78--157; 9. Lola Homiston, Dickinson, 80-78--158; T10. Navisha Soni, 84-76--160; T10. Ava Olson, Fargo Shanley, 79-81--160; T10. Aliyah Iverson, Century, 79-81--160

Team results

15. Jamestown 396-384--780: Olivia Sorlie 93-83--176, Bria Nieswaag 88-90--178, Grace LeFevre 103-97--200, Isabel LeFevre 112-119--231, Aspen Humes 120-114--234, McKenna Nieswaag 112-X--112, Mylee Michel X-123--123

1. Bismarck Century 314-304--618: Hannah Herbel 73-74--147, Leah Herbel 78-73--151, Aliyah Iverson 79-81--160, Navisha Soni 84-76--160, Kambree Hauglie 89-84--173, Regan Braun 94-X--94, HatleyHetletved X-93--93;

2. Fargo Davies 327-315--642: Lexi Bartley 79-75--154, Ava Olson 79-81--160, Rose Solberg 80-75--155, Abbey Voeller 89-98--187, Lauren Lamp 91-91--182, Liv Karnik 95-84--179;

3. Fargo Shanley 335-327--662: Lindsey Astrup 80-74--154, Halle Balluff 83-78--161, Krista Kramer 83-85--168, Lili Lindemoen 89-90--179, Elli Busch 91-96--187, Leah Meyer 102-103--205;

4. Bismarck Legacy 336-335--671: Ava Kalenek 83-83--166, Anne Hulst 83-85--168, Kya Guidinger 84-81--165, Brooke Hollar 86-90--176, Lauren Beck 92-86--178, Madison Lein 94-87--181;

5. Mandan 341-335--676: Anna Huettl 73-75--148, Aysia Mettler 84-88--172, Ruby Heydt 92-85--177, Brittyn Mettler 92-87--179, Brooklyn Monteith 94-96--190, Rylee Myers 112-X--112, Stray Ressler X-101--101.

6. Grand Forks Red River 346-342--688: Jaya Grube 79-77--156, Jadyn Arel 84-82--166, Taylor Piepkorn 86-98--184, Ella Mcmullin 97-95--192, Lauren Soholt 102-93--195, Marit Seegar 105-X--105, Sophie Brakke X-90--90.

7. Fargo South 358-353--711: Taylor Struck 80-81--161, Adie Wagner 87-83--170, Mia Aarestad 89-87--176, Reese Aarestad 102-102--204, Rylie Burrow 111-106--217, Brynn Korbl 115-X; Grace Sauvageau X-127--127.

8. Minot 364-358--722: Addison Sorenson 88-88--176, Mackenzie Strange 89-82--171, Avery Falcon 92-100--192, Morgan Strange 95-88--183, Sidney Ressler 101-102--203.

9. Dickinson 374-364--738: Lola Homiston 80-78--158, Chloe Kraenzel 97-91--188, Hazel Emter 98-99--197, Abby Goettle 99-96--195, Tristyn Baumgartner 103-107--210, Avery Belland 105-119--224.

10. Bismarck High 363-377--740: Katelyn Vogel 82-97--179, Grace Stroth 86-79--165, Paige Breuer 89-94--183, Maddelynne Fuchs 106-107--213, Taylor Kautzman 107-114--221, Brooke Bondley X-127--127.

11. Williston 372-374--746: Carrie Carmichael 79-78--157, Tegan Graham 92-94--186, Scout Graham 92-94--186, Heartley Rider 109-112--221, Berkley Poeckes 118-108--226, Dani Tinklenberg 137-132--269.

12. Wahpeton 372-376--748: Anaka Lynse 84-X--84 Halle Miller 90-97--187, Scout Woods 99-89--188, Lilly Anderson 99-94--193, McKena Koolmo 102-96--198, Ella Graves 112-X--112.

13. West Fargo Sheyenne 385-364--749: Payton Stocker 82-82--164, Emma Wieber 95-89--184, Sydney Volesky 104-95--199, Zoe Keene 104-98--202, Emmalyn Lindquist 116-103--219, Emma Peterson 112-110--222.

14. Fargo North 380-370--750: Taylor Martin 82-83--165, Kate McComb 96-94--190, Olivia Kalbus 101-94--195, Mayzie Jenson 101-99--200, Olivia Olson 107-99--206, Abby Medler 108-108--216.

16. West Fargo 388-394--782: Tori Worner 91-95--186, Sydney Aarnold 91-100--191, Laney Lee 98-100--198, Ellie Halvorson 108-99--207, Rachel Spanier 127-114--241.

17. St. Mary's 387-398--785: Grace Rieger 93-88--181, Kiera Oukrup 97-95--192, Abi Schneider 98-98--196, Lily Hagg 99-111--210, Kenrie Hamilton 112-104--216, Maleah Hall 107-X--107, Claire Mcleod X-121--121.

18. Grand Forks Central 411-400--811: Sydney Hanson 90-83--173, Madelyn Trapnell 93-88--181, Laynee Erickson 108-115--223, Hanna Curran 120-114--234.

19. Watford City 547-538--1085: Rylee Lindley 106-108--214, Faith Bones 141-138--279, Emma Tomilson 147-143--290, Alyssa Holen 153-149--302.