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Blue Jay gymnastics win in Fargo

Jamestown High School coach Dave Tews looks on as Rachel Schiele performs on the vault Tuesday, Dec. 12, at Jamestown Gymnastics Club during a dual against Aberdeen (S.D.). John M. Steiner / The Sun

Jamestown High School gymnastics set a new season mark Friday in Fargo.

The Blue Jays won the Fargo Invitational with a team score of 140.05. It's a team best through four competitions with still plenty of chances to improve remaining.

"We're just really getting going here, and there's so many things that a lot of our kids aren't even back to where they were last year yet," Jamestown coach Dave Tews said. "We're trending up, so that's a good deal."

Rachel Schiele topped the all-around with a score of 35.925, with teammate Haley Nelson finishing closely behind (35.70). Nelson won vault (9.25) and bars (8.95), while Schiele won beam (9.12) even with a fault.

Hannah Schiele placed third on beam (8.8) and Nelson tied for fifth (8.475). The Blue Jays soared on vault with Hannah Schiele (9.0) and Rachel Schiele (9.0) tied for second behind Nelson, and Makenna O'Neal (8.9) fifth.

"The girls were pretty solid. They all had their bobbles, but the veterans regrouped and didn't let it snowball on them," Tews said. "We still left a lot of points out there, and that's nice to say that when you scored a 140."

Fargo Invite

1. Jamestown 140.05; 2. Grand Forks 134.05; 3. Fargo Davies 123.8; Mandan 110.65; Fargo North/South 72.125.

Individual results

Vault: 1. Haley Nelson Jamestown 9.25; 2T Hannah Schiele Jamestown 9.0; 2T Anna Suppes Davies 9.0; 2T Rachel Schiele 9.0; 5. Makenna O'neal Jamestown 8.9.

Bars: 1. Haley Nelson Jamestown 8.95; 2. Rachel Schiele Jamestown 8.675; 3. Sydney Spivey Grand Forks 8.6; 4. Rebekah Kauffmann Grand Forks 8.55; 5T Reese Vetsch Grand Forks 8.3; 5T Hannah Schiele 8.3.

Beam: 1. Rachel Schiele Jamestown 9.12; 2. Anna Suppes Davies 8.925; 3. Hannah Schiele 8.8; 4. Sydney Spivey 8.775; 5T Reese Vetsch Grand Forks 8.475; 5T Haley Nelson Jamestown 8.475.

Floor: 1. Anna Suppes Davies 9.575; 2. Sydney Spivey Grand Forks 9.175; 3. Rachel Schiele Jamestown 9.15; 4. Haley Nelson Jamestown 9.025; 5. Hannah Schiele Jamestown 8.9.

All Around: 1. Rachel Schiele Jamestown 35.925; 2. Haley Nelson Jamestown 35.700; 3. Anna Suppes Davies 35.500; 4. Sydney Spivey Grand Forks 35.15; 5. Hannah Schiele Jamestown 35.000.

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