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Jays soar to new season mark

Jamestown's Alexis Treibenbach performs Saturday on the vault during a Blue Jay gymnastics meet. John M. Steiner / The Sun1 / 2
Jamestown's Haley Nelson performs Saturday on the beam during a Blue Jay gymnastics meet. John M. Steiner / The Sun2 / 2

Some early spring cleaning is underway at Jamestown Gymnastics Club.

The Blue Jays no longer need the dusty sign reading "142.3" cluttering up the joint. Jamestown soared to a season-best 142.75 while hosting the four-team Midwinter Invite on Saturday, smashing a goal the Blue Jays set for themselves dating back to last season.

But plenty of work remains for the Jays, which possibly includes the construction of a new motivational message.

"They've had a goal of 142.3 and that sign has been up there since last year," Jamestown gymnastics coach Dave Tews said, whose Blue Jays posted a 143.553 during the individual portion of last year's state meet—a score that isn't officially recorded. "It's one of those typical things and we never got around to taking it down."

The Blue Jays rang up 13 new high scores, led by new marks in the all-around by seniors Hannah Schiele (35.95) and Alexis Triebenbach (34.75), and freshman Makenna O'Neal (34.65). Schiele tied her top floor routine this season (9.5), set a new mark on bars (8.4) and held the top all-around score Saturday.

O'Neal put up new high scores on bars (8.35), beam (8.85) and floor (8.85). Triebenbach's season-best in the all-around was spurred by a 9.05 in the floor routine.

"Alexis had a really nice meet, and as a senior to put up some of these marks at this time of the season is good," Tews said. "She was injured early on (in the season), but is kinda back where she was last year."

Jamestown dominated the floor, tossing out seventh-grader Brenna Hatch's season-best 8.9 in favor of Haley Nelson's 9.65, Hannah Schiele's 9.5, Rachel Schiele's 9.35 and Triebenbach's 9.05.

"The floor really carried us. It's nice to throw away an 8.9," Tews said. "We did well in all (events), but in a couple we just didn't get the scores we thought we should. But that's all right."

Nelson, an eighth-grader, won vault (8.95), bars (9.15) and the floor to finish second in the all-around (35.85). Nelson scored a 10th-place 8.1 on beam.

"Haley stayed on the beam, which is the hardest part," Tews said. "She just wasn't sharp. She gave enough reason to the judges to get the deductions, but overall she had a really good day."

Rachel Schiele finished third to Nelson and sister Hannah in the all-around (35.3) and came in second on bars (8.75). Other new season-highs for the Jays included Emma Hillerud on bars (8.25), Abby Kallenbach on floor (8.45) and Hatch on beam (8.15).

Jamestown easily outpaced Grand Forks' second-place team score of 136.95. The Jays have two more regular-season competitions remaining before the West Region meet, starting with the Fargo Invite on Friday.

"We left a lot less on the table in this meet than we did in the last one. We're getting there," Tews said. "I'd take what we got (Saturday) at WDA, and I know the kids would too. They were pretty happy."

Blue Jay Midwinter Invite

Team results

1. Jamestown 142.75; 2. Grand Forks 136.95; 3. Valley City 132.2; 4. Wahpeton 118.7.

Top 5 individuals and Blue Jay results

All-around: 1. Hannah Schiele, J, 35.950; 2. Haley Nelson, J, 35.850; 3. Rachel Schiele, J, 35.3; 4. Olivia Olson, VC, 35.0; 5. Sydnee Spivey, GF, 34.9; 6. Alexis Triebenbach, J, 34.75; 7. Makenna O'Neal, J, 34.65.

Vault: 1. Nelson, J, 8.95; 2 (tie). H. Schiele, J, 8.9; Jocey Kriewald, VC, 8.9; Olson, VC, 8.9; 5 (tie). Abby Kallenbach, J, 8.7; Shalie Lipp, W, 8.7; 7 (tie). Triebenbach, J, 8.65; R. Schiele, J, 8.65; 10 (tie). O'Neal, J, 8.6; Kaelyn Nygaard, J, 8.6.

Bars: 1. Nelson, J, 9.15; 2. R. Schiele, J, 8.75; 3. H. Schiele, J, 8.4; 4. O'Neal, J, 8.35; 5. Sydnee Spivey, GF, 8.3; 6 (tie). Triebenbach, J, 8.25; Emma Hillerud, J, 8.25; 11 (tie). Nygaard, J, 7.95; 19. Kallenbach, J, 7.3.

Floor: 1. Nelson, J, 9.65; 2. H. Schiele, J, 9.5; 3. R. Schiele, J, 9.35; 4. Olson, VC, 9.1; 5 (tie). Triebenbach, J, 9.05; Kriewald, VC, 9.05; Macie Stanislawski, GF, 9.05; 10. Brenna Hatch, J, 8.9; 11. O'Neal, J, 8.85; 17. Kallenbach, J, 8.45; 23. Hillerud, J, 7.65.

Beam: 1. Olson, VC, 9.2; 2. H. Schiele, J, 9.15; 3. Spivey, GF, 9.0; 4. O'Neal, J, 8.85; 5 (tie). Triebenbach, J, 8.8; Rebekah Kauffman, GF, 8.8; 7. R. Schiele, J, 8.55; 9. Hatch, J, 8.150; 10 (tie). Nelson, J, 8.1; 16. Hillerud, J, 7.4; 20. Nygaard, J, 7.05.

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