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Seniors Shine: Schiele, Triebenbach show Jays the way

Haley Nelson has firm grip during her routine on bars last January at the Jamestown Gymnastics Club. John M. Steiner / The Sun

Hannah Schiele and Alexis Triebenbach did what seniors are supposed to do Friday at American Gold Gymnastics on the campus of Fargo South High School.

New routines on bars didn't exactly turn in stellar results for Jamestown High School, but the duo's added effort all week in practice inspired the Blue Jays to their best team result of the season.

Jamestown's 143.4 easily won the five-team Fargo Invite, surpassing the team's previous top mark of 142.75 set just last week. Neither Schiele's nor Triebenbach's bars routine made the final cut, coming in 14th and 17th, respectively, overall.

"This week our two seniors were trying new stuff on bars, and it didn't pan out for either one tonight," said Jamestown gymnastics coach Dave Tews. "But it seems like it made our other kids step up. They set a good example all week at practice and it helped everybody."

Blue Jay eighth-grader Haley Nelson was maybe motivated most. Nelson won bars with a new season-high 9.2 and captured the all-around title with a career-best 36.925.

Jamestown put up an impressive 37.1 during the floor routine. Nelson's 9.425 led the way, with Schiele's 9.4, Rachel Schiele's 9.375 and Emma Hillerud's 8.9 to follow. Hillerud is only a seventh-grader.

"That's probably the best set of four scores we've had on floor," Tews said. "We showed depth tonight and that was the big difference."

Jamestown also set the bar on vault (36.05), beam (36.1) and bars (34.15). Rachel Schiele placed second on vault (9.225, season high) tied for fourth on bars (8.45) and came in third in the all-around (36.07). Hannah Schiele had the fifth-best all-around score (35.15), tying for first on beam (9.2), with Nelson (9.175) and Rachel (9.025) also scoring big.

The Blue Jays will attempt to keep things rolling hosting an invite this Friday. The West Region meet follows on Feb. 16 in Dickinson.

"A 143 is a pretty good score," Tews said. "With some of these kids you don't know what adrenaline will do to them. Hopefully we can hang together physically and add a few things."

Fargo Invite

Meet results

1. Jamestown 143.400; 2. Valley City 136.825; 3. Wahpeton 126.400; 4. Davies 125.675; 5. Fargo 123.750.

Top 5 individuals and Blue Jay results

Vault: 1. Jocey Kriewald, VC, 9.25; 2. Rachel Schiele, J, 9.225; 3. Haley Nelson, J, 9.125; 4. Abby Kallenbach, J, 8.95; 5. Anna Suppes, FD, 8.925; 7 (tie). Hannah Schiele, J, 8.75; 10. Courtney Mack, J, 8.575; 11. Makenna O'Neal, J, 8.55; 12. Emma Hillerud, J, 8.525; 14. Alexis Triebenbach, J, 8.45; 16 (tie). Brenna Hatch, J, 8.3;

Bars: 1. Nelson, J, 9.2; 2. Kriewald, VC, 9.05; 3. Abbey Thornton, VC, 8.55; 4 (tie). Suppes, FD, 8.45; R. Schiele, J, 8.45; 6 (tie). O'Neal, J, 8.25; Hatch, J, 8.25; 10. Hillerud, J, 8.15; 13. Kallenbach, J, 7.95; 14. H. Schiele, J, 7.8; 17. Triebenbach, J, 7.35.

Beam: 1 (tie). H. Schiele, J, 9.2; Suppes, FD, 9.2; 3. Nelson, J, 9.175; 4. R. Schiele, J, 9.025; 5. Olivia Olson, VC, 8.8; 6. Hatch, J, 8.7; 7. Triebenbach, J, 8.65; 9. O'Neal, J, 8.5; 13, Mack, J, 7.8; 19. Hillerud, J, 7.6.

Floor: 1. Suppes, FD, 9.65; 2 (tie). Kriewald, VC, 9.425; Nelson, J, 9.425; 4. H. Schiele, J, 9.4; 5. R. Schiele, J, 9.375.

All-Around: 1. Nelson, J, 36.925; 2. Anna Suppes, FD, 36.225; 3. R. Schiele, J, 36.075; 4. Kriewald, VC, 35.35; 5. H. Schiele, J, 35.150; 9. Hatch, J, 33.5; 10. O'Neal, J, 33.325; 11. Hillerud, J, 33.175; 13. Triebenbach, J, 32.5.

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