The Blue Jays flew to the top of the podium Thursday evening.

"We did pretty well," Jamestown High School gymnastics coach Dave Tews said. "We didn't score a 144 like we did before, but we did score a 142.900."

The Blue Jays hosted the Giving Hearts Invite at the Jamestown Gymnastics Club. The home team eclipsed visiting Fargo Davies (124.55) and Fargo South (123.70) to end the regular season. JHS will host the West Region meet at Jerry Meyer Arena on Feb. 21.

"We're happy with where it was tonight," Tews said. "Overall the kids had a pretty good performance. Some of them didn't start off the way they wanted, but they regrouped on the other events and that's all you can hope for. The kids stayed focused all the way through and did their best."

Defending state champions Rachel Schiele and Haley Nelson headed up the Blue Jay squad in the home venue.

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"Rachel Schiele definitely had her best beam routine of the year," Tews said. "Haley Nelson won the All-Around actually."

Schiele tackled the four-inch-wide apparatus and tumbled to 9.35 -- the meet's highest beam score. The 2019 uneven bars state champ posted a 36.350 for a second-place all-around finish. Nelson averaged a 9.15 on the four events, ending the night at 36.600. It was Nelson's third all-around score due to an ankle injury sustained earlier in the season.

"What it amounts to is it gets her into state," Tews said of Nelson's performance.

Brenna Hatch performs Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020, on the balance beam at the Jamestown Gymnastics Club. John M. Steiner / The Sun
Brenna Hatch performs Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020, on the balance beam at the Jamestown Gymnastics Club. John M. Steiner / The Sun

While Schiele and Nelson were the point leaders for the Blue Jays, Tews had plenty of young faces eager to salute the judges' table.

"You drop down to freshman -- Sydney Fischer -- my gosh," Tews said. "She had her top beam score of the year and she tied for her top floor score of the year. She had a great meet and she ended up placing sixth in the all-around which is really good for her."

Fischer ended her beam routine with an 8.6 for eighth place and flipped into seventh place on floor posting 8.7. Fisher's 33.10 all-around score was rounded out by 8.3 finish on vault and 7.5 on uneven bars.

"She's just kind of putting things together -- a lot of skills and a lot of abilities to do things," Tews said. "We're really happy there, that really adds to our depth."

Seventh-grader Julia Skari finished third in the all-around with a 35.85 and Emma Hillerud finished fourth with 33.55. While the Jays improved upon a 139.125 received at the Kim Lupo Invite in Minot Feb. 7, there is still room for improvement.

"Last week we kind of talked about trying a few things that didn't really work (in Minot)," Tews said. "A few more of them worked tonight. Now comes the problem: which ones do we keep, which ones do we keep working on and which ones do we get rid of?"

The answers will come when the team steps on the floor next Friday. The regional is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m.

Giving Hearts Invite

Feb. 13

At Jamestown Gymnastics Club

Team scores

1. Jamestown 142.90; 2. Fargo Davies 124.55; 3. Fargo South 123.70.

JHS team scores

Vault 35.70; Bars 34.75; Beam 35.65; Floor 36.80.

Individual winners/JHS results

All-Around: 1. Haley Nelson, J, 36.60; 2. Rachel Schiele, 36.35; 3. Julia Skari 35.85; 4. Emma Hillerud 33.55; 6. Sydney Fischer 33.10; 7. Brenna Hatch 32.35; 8. Courtney Mack 32.20; 10. Allysah Larson 30.85; 11. Lydia Stoterau 30.65; 13. Anabelle Cramer 30.15; 17. Blair Arbuckle 25.50.

Vault: 1. Nelson, J, 9.1 T1. Skari 9.1; 2. Schiele 8.8; 3. Hillerud 8.7; 4. Mack 8.6; T4. Blair Arbuckle 8.6; 5. Larson 8.4; 6. Fischer 8.3; T6. Hatch 8.3; 9. Stoterau 8.0.

Bars: 1. Schiele, J, 9.2; 2. Nelson 9.15; 3. Skari 8.4; 4. Hatch 8.0; T4. Hillerud 8.0; 5. Larson 7.9; 6. Stoterau 7.65; 7. Fisher 7.5; 9. Mack 7.1; 17. Cramer 5.1.

Beam: 1. Schiele, J, 9.35; 3. Nelson 8.95; 5. Skari 8.75; 8. Fisher 8.6; 9. Cramer 8.45; 10. Hillerud 8.25; 13. Arbuckle 8.1; 15. Mack 8.0; 17. Hatch 7.3; 18. Stoterau 6.95; 19. Larson 6.75

Floor: 1. Skari, J, 9.6; 2.Nelson 9.4; 3. Schiele 9.0; 5.Arbuckle 8.8; 6.Hatch 8.75; 7.Fisher 8.7; 8.Hillerud 8.6; 10. Mack 8.5; 12. Cramer 8.2; 13. Stoterau 1.05; 15. Larson 7.8.