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RAIN STAY AWAY: Jamestown Speedway to host Kids' Night

Jamestown's Shawn Becker (56) and Jaden Christ (79) battle three-wide with Scott Gartner, of Aurora, Colo., during a WISSOTA Street Stock heat race held May 26 at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun

New Jamestown Speedway owners Tim and Allison Baldwin are taking 2018's rash of rainouts in stride.

The local race track has so far lost three of its first six events to weather and faces another 40-percent chance of precipitation heading into tomorrow's annual Kids' Night. All regular classes are scheduled to hit the track beginning at 7 p.m.

"When you do something outdoors there's always a chance of (rain) happening," said Tim Baldwin. "Overall, with taking it on this year, there's been some positives to having a slower pace, but we're definitely ready to put the rain behind us and get the rest of the season going."

The Baldwins purchased Jamestown Speedway from local businessman Keith Veil this season. Tim Baldwin had been the track's promoter under Veil the past handful of summers.

"It's always kind of a leap of faith when you make any big change in your life like that, but it's been going really well," Baldwin said. "Things have fallen into place with the right time, the right people and the right opportunity."

Many familiar faces are still involved with the track, including longtime pit steward Dennis Qual, flagmen Brian Smith and Jeff Seher, and former Jamestown Speedway part-owners Don Gumke and Joanne Dieterle

"Don (Gumke) and Joanne (Dieterle) have been helping us out, and Keith is still very much an advisor," Baldwin said. "Having those people around is a great asset and we're very thankful to all of them for always willing to help."

Tomorrow's Kids' Night festivities will include a pre-race driver meet and greet in victory lane at 6:30 p.m. Kids will also receive free slushies and bus tours throughout the night's racing.

To help offset all the rainouts the speedway added a "Bombers & B-mods" event on June 30 during the Stutsman County Fair. The event will begin at 6 p.m. and will also include slingshot racing.

No track points will be awarded during "Bombers & B-mods," but the payout has been increased. Drivers will be competing for a $500 winner's check in the midwest modifieds, while the bomber winner will pocket $250.

No WISSOTA streets or IMCA modifieds are scheduled to race June 30, due in part to Southwest Speedway's Richard Jordan WISSOTA Street Stock Special taking place in Dickinson that evening.

"We had made a commitment with Dickinson not to run streets that night and still encourage our street stock racers to take in that event," Baldwin said. "We also wanted it to be a quick program so we could add to the fair without taking anything away from it by keeping everyone in the grandstands all evening."

Jamestown Speedway's annual Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular is scheduled for Wednesday, July 4, with the opening night of the Dakota Classic Modified Tour set to unfold at the track on July 7. Bombers and B-mods are not scheduled to race July 7.

"Hopefully now we can get the rain behind us and get some momentum going," Baldwin said.

Jamestown Speedway

Championship Points Standings

Top 10


1. Leann Christensen 310; 2. Clay Gentzkow 298; 3. Bill Carow 292; 4. Tony Smith 283; 5. Lane Stoppleworth 275; 6. Erik Busche 273; 7. Brandon Michel 262; 8. Gregory Moore 258; 9. Travis Edinger 148; 10. Larry Hanson 129.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

1. Nate Reinke 315; 2. Jim Morlock 294; 3. Zach Reinke 281; 4. Andrew Kapp 281; 5. Kelly Hagel 280; 6. Jeffrey Schwind Jr. 264; 7. Arin Beyer 254; 8. Tanner Theis 230; 9. Lindsey Hansen 228; 10. Caleb Johnson 225.

WISSOTA Street Stocks

1. Kyle Anderson 292; 2. Jodie Michaelsohn 282; 3. Jerry Lamb 280; 4. (tie) Robert Banish Jr. 277; Dustin Erickson 277; 6. Rory Opp 275; 7. (tie) Jonny Carter 269; Shawn Becker 269; 9. Kasey Ussatis 267; 10. Charlie Christ 260.

IMCA Modifieds

1. John Corell 106; 2. Eric Edwards 98; 3. Greg Friestad 94; 4. John Nord 92; 5. Marlyn Seidler 90; 6. Josh Eberhardt 89; 7. Jarrett Carter 83; 8. (tie) Tyler Peterson 78; Casey Arneson 78; 10. (tie) Jeremy Forester 76; Rusty Kollman 76.

2018 Feature Winners

IMCA Modifieds: Tyler Peterson (5/12); John Corell (5/26); Josh Eberhardt (6/9).

WISSOTA Street Stocks: Jerry Lamb (5/12); Robert Banish Jr. (5/26); Jonny Carter (6/9).

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds: Jim Morlock (5/12); Nate Reinke (5/26); Scott Bintz (6/9).

Bombers: Clay Gentzkow (5/12); John Gartner Jr. (5/26); Lane Stoppleworth (6/9).

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